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I see you, friend!🌸 😉🌸 Glancing over at your crush wondering if they feel the same. 😍 Having a dinner date with your significant other but with a noticeable distance between you. Wondering what is going on, and why.⁠ 🤔 I get it! Life is messy but gaining a bit of insight can help. My name is Amanda and I am so excited to have you here! I am a Tarot reader (all the clairs y'all! 😄) with over 5 years experience. Helping amazing people to navigate the ins and outs of relationships. Providing clarity and peace of mind. __________________ 🔮Current Services🔮 ⭐Guidelines⭐ Because 3 minutes is a very short time, and I want to provide the highest quality reading. Please read the guidelines below... 🔴 TWO QUESTIONS PER READING 🔴 ONE FOLLOW UP PER READING (additional questions will require new reading) 🔴 Only ONE POI per reading. Additional pois require new reading. ⭐Entertainment Purposes Only⭐ Always remember any and ALL decisions are 100% your own. _____________________ ⭐🎆Expect Honesty🎆⭐ What I see and feel during your reading is exactly what you will receive. While I will deliver messages with kindness, and compassion, I will not sugar coat or tell you things you want to hear. This is my number one value, and promise, as a reader. 🟣 No more than TWO QUESTIONS per reading. This allows me to hone in and focus directly on your situation. As well as give a more impact full reading. 🟣 ONLY ONE POI PER READING. Please understand that readings are 3 minutes ONLY. In order to provide the best quality reading please limit POIs. Any additional POIs will require a new reading. 🟣 ONE follow up question per reading. Any additional questions will require a new reading. No exceptions. Please keep in mind, if I am offline, I will answer follow up questions when I return. 🚫 No questions for.....🚫 Pregnancy Health or Psychological Legal Financial ⏰Timing Questions⏰ Because time is fluid and free will can, and will, come into play and even the slightest shift could change the time line. I will only answer timeline questions if guided to do so. ALWAYS take with a grain of salt.


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