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❤️ Love Advice vía Tarot & Astrology. I am a future teller not a future changer. The future is always changing with every choice that we make. We all have free will including your POI. I am here as a highly sensitive empath to guide you to better outcomes not for you to project your frustration with your partners’ inconsistencies at. I get enough of that in the world. I offer my gift and interpret the cards. I do not move mountains. Please order from me with healthy expectations and boundaries. Thank you 🙏🏼✨ ⚜️ I am a verified fourth generation Claircognizant/Clairvoyant, My maternal Great Grandfather was known far and wide for his ability to tell people the elusive information that they needed to solve their problems. It may quite possibly go back even further. I also have very strong Clairsentience at times and several psychic placements in my birth chart. ✨I can take pieces of the unknown to reveal the true reality of your situation. 🎆Birthdates are a very quick and concrete way for me to look into your circumstances. I suggest having them ready to save time. If you do not or do not wish to share, that is okay. I am able to formulate the picture with whatever information that we do have. 🔮I do sometimes pickup on loved ones from beyond through the Tarot or their influence on you, but this is not something that I can control the when or if of. I specialize in Love Astrology🔭, but I can also help with Career and Family matters. I also like to suggest Artist and Law of Attraction based exercises when I see them being beneficial to assist you in manifesting your brightest future. ✨ I can see what is being created now although I do believe that the future is changeable and will let you know if you are on the right path or advise you on how to get there. ⏳I do work with time frames as this is how I interpret a lot of my intuition. If you ask about more than one person and yourself, it may require an additional reading to clarify on the other parties involved although I may be able to see some of their influence on the initial people inquired about.


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