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Quick connection- fast response. READ MY PROFILE TO CHECK WHICH READINGS I DO NOT OFFER!!!!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥VOTED 100% ACCURATE ONLY 3 MONTHS AFTER I JOINED!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥NO TIMEFRAMES 🔥🔥 MALICIOUS PEOPLE LEAVE BAD REVIEWS. IF YOU CAN’T DEAL WITH MY ACCENT YOU HAVE THE CHOICE TO CLOSE THE CALL AND ASK FOR CLARIFICATION. MY PROFILE VIDEO SHOWS HOW I TALK SO CHECK IT OUT BEFORE CONTACTING ME. I AM HERE TO HELP WHOEVER APPROACHES ME WITH HONESTY 💐I am an international reader with more than 25 years of experience around the globe. I take my profession seriously and I’ll do my best for you. 💥💥My video readings are never vague or inconsistent and it is a malicious action to leave a bad review without asking for clarification or because you don’t like the message.And it defines you not my reading. 🌟For VIDEO Readings: Only one topic (ie love) and max 2 questions on the same topic. So if you are asking for love then don’t ask for career. Give your name and your POI name. 🌟FOR VIDEO READING: Guidance and advice one one issue. 3 minutes cannot cover complicated issues. Send your question with a video and avoid long texts. ONLY ONE FOLLOW UP TEXT TO CLARIFY THE READING RECEIVED. ⛔️ No third party reading. ⛔️No health, financial or legal advice. ⛔️No prediction on work related issues or interviews due to the COVID-19 which is currently altering the energy. ⛔️ NO readings if you had no contact with your POI for the last 6 MONTHS. ⛔️ NO READINGS FOR THOSE THAT LEFT A BAD REVIEW. 🌀We are the messengers not the message we deliver. We are here to help you, to work for you and not against you. 🌟Be honest and provide true information if you want a clear answer. 🌟 I don’t sugarcoat. If you are not ready for the truth don’t ask a reading with me. I am not the maker of your future and future is not set in stone. 🌀 Law of Attraction Coach 🌀 NLP Practitioner 🌀 Crystal Therapy


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