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From the many talented and gifted readers here you have stopped your scrolling and are looking at me. So thank you. What can I tell you? When I read it comes from a place of love, trust, understanding and respect. There is no judgement. Before every reading I hold a small cleansing ritual to make sure that there is no residual energy left over to confuse things. Giving a clear and sacred space that our energies and those of our guides and ancestors can work in with safty. There can be absolutely no guarantee that it will go the way you want it to, there is every possibility that you will leave with more questions than you started with. Such is the nature of these things. I am not going to tell you where that lost item is, I loose stuff too. Yes it is very frustrating. Neither am I going to predict the sex of a baby. In todays world it is easier to ask the midwife when your having a scan. Nor will I tell you what this week's or any weeks lotto numbers are. If I could do that I would have done it for myself. Every successful reading starts with the right questions being asked. Simple but not so easy so I will try and help you. Be direct but remain open minded to the unexpected sometimes it is not what we think we want or need to know yet it has value and insight. Asking open ended questions rather than yes/no ones can often allow more details to emerge. Avoiding specifics the who, where, when. These often end up being very restrictive have little to offer and no real insight to the bigger picture at all. I am your interpreter, as you ask the questions I am given the answers and then with respect I gently but firmly bring them to you. So close your eyes, clear your mind, take a few deep breaths and join me, my cards and stones are waiting to uncover the answers that you seek. Blessed Be.


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