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⭐️ I am a HEALER , we are all teachers , the messages I channel will usually include ways to help heal yourself 😌 πŸ’«HONEST readings, I am a PATH ILLUMINATION SPECIALIST! Guided messages are the communication between you and PURE SOURCE, I am the messenger 🌬 LIFE COACHING ,as I am often given messages to help you heal yourself inside πŸ’œ πŸ‘©β€πŸ«πŸ§‘β€πŸ« Profile photo or video request will always get a clearer response to the message I receive for you rather than a 1 or 2 sentence request. 99% of negative reviews are from people who don't like the message and sometimes don't understand it . please message if you don't understand it , I am very clear about that πŸ’žI channel and tell you what I see or hear I am clairvoyant as well as clairaudient I have Psychometry, which is ability to touch an object and see what has happened in the past around it. And although I cannot obviously use the touch for your reading, I am able to use this gift to feel souls energies. I receive messages from PURE SOURCE 🌌 , if you don't understand what the message is or don't feel it pertains to your question, know that I am giving you the message you NEED , not what you want to hear always πŸ’₯* If you want answers to a specific question, please be detailed in your description πŸ’₯ 🌷⭐️ HEALING is a huge part of the messages I receive, what to do to start healing yourself I will clarify my video reading after , in messages if you need, but if you have more questions, please request another reading. Being emotional is expected , you're here for clarity but If you do not like what I've seen for you , please do not be upset and leave a negative review, instead , understand that I am seeing a future , even if you dont understand how it could be right now ... know that what I am being given to tell you , is for a reason! I channel the purest energy for your messages 🀍 🌟Path illumination is , showing you what you will run into on any path you choose , you're always free to choose but I will guide you toward your purest soul path and also show you what I see on other paths you may be considering . So at a cross roads , I can help give you clarity ! 🌟🌟🌟 Psychics see different moments in 'time' and are shown differently for a reason. If you ask 200 psychics the same question. you will get different and conflicting answers . For instance 1 will see a marriage and another won't, but that doesn't mean it won't happen ⏳️I am shown and feel soul connections in multidimensional vision ,so please understand if I see someone very connected to your soul, that isn't perhaps meant to live with you here in this lifetime and this dimension 🌈 ⏱️Time doesn't exist where I get messages from so don't expect a message response about ' time '. Free will can always change that 🌬Many times I will be shown to request you to cleanse your energy or see a situation in a different light that will always serve your highest good . We all have the ability to be an alchemist with energy, and if im told or shown to ask you to shift your energy, then this is to change YOUR vibrations!πŸŒžπŸŒ›πŸŒœ


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