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Nice to meet you 😇 This is where I should write a nice summary of all my skills, talents, professional experience and finding my path but... You know what? I will skip that part and just ask you to test me 🤭 Let reality speak instead of words. I am not a fortune teller - I cannot tell you what is going to happen and when because the future is not written in stone. Yet I can help you understand why something is happenning and what you can do to feel better or to improve a situation or even yourself. I offer Tarot and Lenormand card readings about love, relationships, family, friends, career, choices. Please note that I cannot read on health, pregnancy and legal issues. If you ask for insight on decision making, I will do my best to highlight pros and cons. Yet I cannot take the responsibility of making one choice or the other over from you 🌼 If you feel my reading was not clear enough, please message me before leaving a negative review. I'm not here to take your money; I'm happy if you get that clarity that you came here for. If you were happy with our reading, leaving a positive review is always welcome ❤️


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