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🌟Nothing excites me more than a good story with a twist⚡️ I will answer 2-3 questions. Love, work. I’ll be direct and if you have questions message me. 🔻 Please Read below: 🔻 •🌜Before You Order, kindly read my information and background.🔛 • 🔹before you order you need to provide up to two questions and be specific and clear. Your questions need to be specific and clear with some information. 🔸There are several psychics and Mediums out there to tell you who you will marry. I am not one of them. •🌛before you leave a negative feedback kindly message me, I am here to assist you with positive energy. I will always provide you with more information in text format except the 3 min recording. The cards never lie. I will be very direct and honest. • 🌝 before you order please be advised that I’m using TAROT cards. I can see a story, a vision of the current energy it’s a way of creative thinking. I am a certified life coach so I’m using the tools which are supportive questions. 🏺🏺🏺🏺🏺🏺🏺🏺🏺🏺🏺🏺 🧿 I am a Natural Healer and an Empath. With the guidance of my mother's Spirit, the Tarot and Oracle cards I will provide you with clarity, knowledge for your upcoming future. I will support you to manifest Love and Happiness. I specialize in Love relationships, career and finance. Time is fluent but when there is a will there is a way. Let me assist you in your life path with motivation and self love. Astrology and Numerology used as well. We can focus - on break ups, return of a lover, third person interference , soulmate, destiny, career path, finance, potential relationship etc 🧿🌙🪐🔭🏺📿


Oracle guidance, Love readings, Tarot readings

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