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🌻PLEASE READ BEFORE REQUESTING A READING🌻 ✨Welcome!! Before requesting a reading, lets discuss how the magic works. I connect with The Divine, Angels, Ancestors, Spirit Guides, beings of love and light. I do so through Channelling messages directly, or utilizing tools like Tarot or Oracle cards. 🔮 Please No... 🚫Health or Legal 🚫Lost Items 🚫No timelines: Energy is always shifting and changing. 🚫General Readings (Unless you have a lot of time on your hands) 🌻🌻Specific questions, get a detailed reading. 💜Purple Ocean: You can ask TWO questions, on 💫ONE💫 subject, for a prerecorded video. ✴I will answer ONE clarification question, in the comments. Please be patient, it can take up to 24 hours to respond, especially if its busy.     (Please no new questions) ✴I will preshuffle so we can spend as much time as possible on your answers. ✴If you want to ask about a couple different POI the energy can become conflicted. Please put in one order for one POI, and if you feel a connection please put in a second order for your other POI. 💙Purple Garden: If you are a tryout client and need clarification or have more questions after time runs out, I ask that you purchase more time for my energy thats being utilized. 💛Bitwine: No free readings!! 📖 Education 📖 As any reader can tell you, the energy is ALWAYS shifting. If I give you the energy for today, in a couple months it may not be the same.. I will be honest about these changes and we can work on navigating these shifts. Please remember these aren’t my opinions, I’m working as a communicator for Spirit 🤗. 🌷IMPORTANT🌷 Take 3 deep mindful breaths and clear your thoughts. Ask yourself “Am I open to an honest reading, and have I let go of any attachments to a specific outcomr?”. If they answer is yes, lets dive into the energy together 💕. Reviews are always appreciated. 💜 -Hope


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