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❤️ For the ladies-I'm here to help you understand HIM better. Let me tap into my masculine energy and tell you exactly what men think and feel like. ❤️ For the men- feel free to discuss any issues with me. I feel you. No judgements at all! ❤️ For everyone- I'm here to help you recognise your problems, find a solution and help you unlock your potential. My name is Vishesh Jaiswal, and I am a Mumbai-based tarot reader and life coach. I have 5 years worth of experience in tarot reading. But more than that, I am your friend. I will hear you out, and help you identify what's hidden in plain sight, in your life. No judgements, at all. You can feel free and ask me anything. ANYTHING at all! Whether it's your love life, or money matters, whether it's your career, or marriage, or LGBTQ issues, I'm here for you. I will help you identify the issues plaguing you, and tackle them accordingly. Trust the process. Make the call. ✅If you do like the reading, please give a positive review, or just mention a thank you in the review. The energy exchange is helpful. ✅Please give time to the reading and to the conversation. Don't be in a rush. I keep my prices really low so that you and I can actually communicate! If you're in a hurry, please don't reach out to me, I won't be able to help you. ✅The more context you give me, the better I will be able to be in tune with your situation and be able to help you. 🛑Please note- The Tarot reading may not yield the response you expect. Please do not give a bad review just because I did not say what you wanted me to say. Our livelihood depends on those reviews, please respect it. 🛑I DO NOT take questions pertaining to legal issues, pregnancy, and terminal diseases. Please do not ask me those. ⛔Time is fluid. It's impossible for me to predict an actual timeline of events, especially since your actions will play a major role in it. Human free will matters. Please refrain from asking me timelines.


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