Krista Marie

Spiritual Advisor, Intuitive Healer
11.4h average response
97.5% on-time delivery

About my services

***Please read thoroughly before hiring me to work with you*** I love working with clients who are open to change and possibilities. I provide insight and guidance to help you along your spiritual path and life journey. It is up to you to do the work because it is YOUR choice, input, mindset and efforts that create the changes you desire. You are the creator of your life. *Contact me if… You desire to be an active participant in your healing journey, your spiritual awakening, a life transition, and/or the creation of your life. You are looking to deepen your relationship with yourself, with others, with the Earth and/or with Spirit. You want to embrace your divine feminine essence. You are open to gaining awareness, shifting your perspective, raising your consciousness, and feeling and processing your emotions. You value working as a team on your behalf as it is for your highest good. You are open to identifying and exploring areas of imbalances and blockages that may be preventing you from manifesting and receiving what it is that you truly desire. You want to experience more love, peace, joy, and purpose in your body and your life. You are feeling stuck and want to create space for other possibilities to exist. You choose to be the creator of your life. You are ready to embrace your most empowered and divine self. *The session will include: A question-based dialogue between client and advisor. You will have the opportunity to ask me questions and I will also be asking you questions. This sacred art of questioning is an earth-based modality used to cultivate the ground work throughout your reading, which assists in the movement of energy, perspective, blockages, choice, desires and manifestations. Channeling/Intuitive/Psychic insight and advice *This session may include: Energy work Mental, emotional, physical, and/or spiritual healing Recommendations for things you can do at home to support your journey *DO NOT ask me about: Lottery tickets Timeframes Legal advice Medical advice, including pregnancy and paternity Domestic violence If someone is cheating on you *Be sure to: Clearly explain the situation with details so that I can provide a clear reading in return Ask one question at a time and allow me time and space to respond before asking another question. Do not rush me. This is a process. If you request a general reading without a specific focus, I will provide the insight that Spirit wants to communicate for your reading. *IMPORTANT REMINDER: This session is about YOU. Please keep the focus on you. What are you experiencing? What are your needs? What are your desires?


Love readings, Oracle guidance, Psychic readings

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