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I don’t claim to be excellent or a master of anything because there is so much knowledge in the world that the moment you claim to be excellent at something, it belies the existence of ego. Awakening in itself means extinguishing your ego. I am just a humble speck of cosmic energy. I feel healing and guiding comes naturally to me. I have been through my dark night of soul and I believe I can help others through their dark nights. Tarot cards are just my tools that my claircognizance comes through. I don’t have any inherent powers, I am just a mouthpiece. I am not a psychic, i read tarot intuitively. IMPORTANT: NEGATIVE REVIEW: If i give you an outcome different from other psychics or a negative one and you give me a negative review, it is clear we did not connect and i will not read for you again. Even if you change the review to positive when the prediction happens, i still won’t be able to read for you again. 1. 🚫 Request you to please choose another advisor if you are not in the headspace/emotional space to hear anything negative or an outcome you don’t want. All of us have situations at times where you just need reassurance or we need to hear what we want to hear - if you are in one of those situations, i am not the advisor for you at this moment. 2. 🚫 Timelines - The reality is that timelines move, because we are all free beings who are allowed to make free choices. Free will on your part or on the other person’s part moves timelines or extinguishes them entirely sometimes. My readings are based on current energies only. The reading/timeline will change if people change their energies through their choices. So please understand that all timelines are subject to change based on the choices of people involved and no one can give you an answer written in concrete. Please choose another advisor if timeline is your prime question. 3. 🚫 Clarifications - Since i read cards, once your reading is done, the cards are also removed from my board, so i will only be able to offer clarifications on the information that has been shared already. 4. 🚫 I don’t do general readings. I have noticed clients get annoyed at the general answer because they asked for a general reading. 5. 🚫 Names and date of births are necessary for me to connect.


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