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Proven accuracy from years of Tarot readings, Horoscope analysis, Vedic Astrology, Planetary transit Predictions, guidance, insights and motivation. With new and thousands of repeat clients that i am happy to have helped and helping gain clarity and insights as a medium. I do ➡️TIME FRAME ➡️ZODIAC SIGNS I DONT SUGARCOAT. You will get a very honest reading from me. Else it's unfair and disrespectful to the energies that are guiding you. THERE IS FREE WILL and to use it you have to take the appropriate action. Things and energy changes, when one decides to be open to receiving guidance and insights. I am non-judgemental, honest, fun, direct and very compassionate and empathetic. Come with an open mind to receive clarity, guidance, solutions and motivation you are seeking. I WILL BE ONLINE FROM : (Indian time) 9AM to 3PM IST 4PM to 11PM IST Unless I get the time to come online in between. As i have to make time for my existing clients for consultation and meditation sessions 😇🙏 VIDEO Orders: STANDARD ORDERS: 1 question RUSH ORDERS: 2/3 questions (Max) ⭐Tarot card reading ⭐Love and Relationship guidance ⭐Angel Reading ⭐Oracle Reading ⭐Astrology ⭐Personalized Horoscope 🌟VEDIC ASTROLOGY ⭐Transiting planetary insights ⭐Switchwords ⭐Crystal Therapy ⭐Affirmations ⭐Cord cutting meditation (15mins) ⭐Career Path Appreciate you all. Thank you for the support and kind reviews🙏 I am happy to be able to help you gain clarity and guidance.


Astrology & Horoscopes, Tarot readings, Love readings

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