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⚡️⚡️⚡️DUE TO TIME CONSTRAINTS ON SALE DAYS I WILL NOT BE ANSWERING MESSAGES IN CHAT! Thank you for your understanding! ⚡️⚡️⚡️ 💜 Any timeline I give you is relative as things are ever changing. Everybody needs to be doing their work to achieve that timeline.💜 😎 Please ask two questions as per purple ocean policy. Anything else is additional and may not be answered. 😎 🥳 I will try to anwer everything in the video. Please ask a chatbox question if its relative to your original request. I will not answer if you bring in another element (ie: its a work reading and in the chat box youre asking about love) or if I feel I have already answered your question in the video! 🥳 🤬 Berating me in the chat box or threatening to leave a negative review wont be tolerated. I literally just answer you and I will report you. I am NOT driven by reviews so that wont even work. 🤬 🚦I will not read again for clients who leave negative reviews and yet continue to try to connect! The trust has been broken at that time.🚦 😽 I’m not the reader for everyone. I’m not a Cadbury milk chocolate bar. I am a fine piece of 75% dark chocolate imported from Switzerland. I will not resonate with all and also thats totally fine! 😽 Hi everyone! I am an intuitive tarot reader with 15 years experience. I am to deliver tarot readings with oracle cards and channeled messages in a concise, clear and accurate way. You will always be met with love and compassion, but I aim to tell the truth. . . Note: I am very nice but I am also very honest. If you want to hear a specific thing and I tell you something else, that is not enough to warrant a bad review. If I go back and get the same thing, I’m not going to lie to you and say something else to make you feel better. I do not sugarcoat! Fun fact: I once had an in person client get so mad at me that she flipped a glass table because I was “so off”. When everything I said came true six months later, she came back with a massive tip, a new glass table and her tail between her legs. . . It’s truly a pleasure to do the work that I do and I hope you have a wonderful day!


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