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⭐️ Practical Psychic 🌙 ***INFORMED CONSENT: I will NOT READ for you if you haven’t watch my Intro video & fully resonate with my personality & reading style. That’s my boundary as a Psychic. I will ask of this at the beginning of our call for confirmation. ***DISCLOSURE: I honor privacy and ONLY DISCLOSE information directly pertains to you. **I do not read to spy on your person, but support desire for understanding your relationship dynamic. **I do not read into how your person is thinking and feeling about someone else. Be at liberty to ask your person and deepen intimacy. ❌ NO Cheating or Thirdparty questions. *** I DO NOT READ FOR 🚫 •Third Party •Privacy •Medical •Health •Pregnancy •Legal •Financial ♋️ Please watch my Intro video to become familiar with my Mystic Practice. I provide Insightful Reading of your situation. While Integrating your Human Self, Divine Spirit, and Primal Nature into my Channeled Message. 🌙 SIGNATURE READINGS✨ •Relationship Dynamics (NO third party / privacy matter / cheating questions) •No Contact POI / Long Distance •Compatibility Energetic Match •Connection Purpose •Heart Energy •Psychic Advice •Life Guidance •Spiritual Awareness ⛔️ IF you do not resonate with my personality and reading style in my Intro video, I am not the Psychic to read into your delicate situation. 💚 I advice you to be compassionate and intentional when selecting your Psychic Advisor. ❓You can cause yourself confusion when you jump from different Psychics back to back (especially on the same day), for everyone perceive different potentials. ✅ Choose 1 Psychic to read into your situation 1-4 readings a month for full Panoramic Support (me or another vetted Advisor of your True Energetic Match). 🔮 My Psychic abilities often shows up: Clairsentience (I feel), Claircognizance (I know), Clairvoyance (I see), Empath (I sense), and HSP (sensitivity). 🎴 I love using Tarot to unfold your story. Only divination tool I use here. *Rider-Waite Tarot deck and Gilded Tarot Royale* “What are my POI’s thoughts and feelings for me?” “What is their true intention with our connection?” “When will I meet my Soulmate Partner?” “What is the best decision for me now?” “Am I on the right path?” “I dreamt I witnessed a tragic death, what does this mean?” WHAT IS YOUR DYNAMIC WITH YOUR PERSON? •Connection •Chemistry •Resonance •Karmic •Bond •Compatible •Addiction ✈️ I’ll help you Psychicly navigate in grounding your DREAMS & DESIRES, from Mental Imagination to Material Plane to be experienced as a Reality.


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