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Welcome and thank you for considering me for your reading! Please read my whole profile so we can have the best possible experience. I will tell you what I receive/pick up. I’ll try to be as tactful and respectful as I can, but I’ll say what I see. 🌟 My approach to readings is mostly divination with the use of CARDS. 🌟 I'm specialized in Lenormand readings, that's my main tool of work, which I've been reading since my early teens. I also offer tarot readings, which I have been studying and reading since I was 19. 🟡 Psychic readings cover a wide umbrella of abilities. I use my intuition and psychic insight when given to me and use it with my cards. I will tell you if I feel or see something without cards, I can't, however, promise it will happen all the time and by request. For readings that can be considered as general: I’ll need to know your employment status and relationship status. That info allows me to provide a better reading considering the format, which requires fast answers. First name and date of birth/age of the people involved will also help A LOT. 🟡I do not contact the dead. 🟡 I do not read on lost items. 🟡 No missing people. 🟡 No missing pets. 🟡 I read on love but I'm not specialized in soulmates or twin flames. 🟡 I'll never use the chat box on purple garden, which means all live features. 🟡Different topics should be looked into through another order, regular or follow up. No refunds are allowed, if you send an order with missing information or confusing information, you’ll get what comes through and the way it comes!! ⚪ I truly want to provide you with the best readings I can... So take notice: It is difficult to give a life reading in a 3 minutes video or in a short chat with a timer running out. I do not read on multiple love interests. One love interest per reading. I do not do celebrity crush readings... Or readings where you have never spoken to or you don't know the actual person you are inquiring about (this includes all parties involved with that person). If you have not spoken to the person you are inquiring about for more than 3 months, PLEASE LET ME KNOW IN YOUR ORDER. Timelines are NOT guaranteed and I provide them approximately (days, weeks, months and years). ⚪ No more than 3 questions related to the SAME topic!! 'How does he feel about me?' is one question. 'Do you see us in a relationship?' is two question. 'When' is three questions. ⚪ Do not play 'test' the psychic! I work with the info provided to me. . Do NOT omit details such as affairs, married individuals, etc...


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