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UPDATE: Sunday 20th June, please note no 24 hours order until Monday. I will post my times on Monday please watch this space. Will be on as soon as possible sorry. Next on line: PLEASE READ MY BIO BEFORE COMING TO ME FOR A READING ❌ I find it really unfair that clients add a little chat time and then have the expectations for me to continue the reading in the messages and when I answer a few more questions to be nice they then send me negativity as I decided to stop replying, as I feel like I am being taken advantage of. I am really sorry it’s not fair at all as I have to either log off or answer in between calls which sometimes isn’t possible. Please add the amount of time you want and please don’t call me with the expectations of my continuing the call in the message box. Also if you don’t want to hear the truth please don’t come to me as it’s not fair. It’s unfair and I am sure in my place you wouldn’t like it ❌ ⏰ PLEASE NOTE that the message box isn’t showing up for me please send me a message as soon as you hang up to open the box so that I can reply. Only clients can open the box not advisors. ⏰ 💭 I will require names and DOBs to connect quickly. If you don’t have this information I may ask you to hang up so I can connect to the energy and then I will continue the reading. 💭 🌞 If you don’t listen to my guidance or half listen or use your free will. I can not be blamed for things going wrong and it’s not fair as I will guide you the best I can but can not control your actions. So please trust and follow my guidance fully to get the best result!! 🌞 🌟 Please don’t take advantage of the message box, I do help people in the box only to find that they don’t appreciate it and send me negativity when I went above and beyond helping them with their situation. Please do respect my time and remember that I do care and am trying to help and can only help if you allow me too. 🌟 🧠 Please note I can not answer something you don’t ask, so naturally it will lead to lack of detail or generic. I am here to help so please ask what’s on your mind and what you need to know. This will allow you to be satisfied as much as possible. Please ask one question at a time and allow me to answer that. Also when asking about multiple parties it takes a minute to clear the energy and connect to the next so 5 minutes isn’t enough. So please bare that in mind when calling 🧠 🌷 Please note that when doing Live reading it’s not always possible to follow up in the comments section due to back to back calls. I will try my best to respond however if the box expires please accept my apology and it’s not intentional🌷 ⭐️ Please note that on a rare occasion I may ask you to hang up so I can connect and provide a better reading. Please do not call if you are not happy with this!! This will help you as it save time and allow me to connect better ⭐️ 🚫 Please note I am unable to miss your call anymore so I will answer and arrange a suitable time to come back on... also conversation in messages will be limited also sorry for the inconvenience!!! 🚫 ⏳ I do provide timeframes if picked up, they are in a number form!!! Please dont focus on the lowest number for example if I say within 1 it is usually is within 1 day, 1 week or 1 months time. Also please dont not wait for this timeframe, use this time to focus on you.....⏳ ⚠️ Please note that I can decline to do a reading as this will benefit all involved. I will only do this if I can not connect or feel negativity.... or previously got a negative review from the client!!! I will provide ways to speed things up so if you are not open to this please do not order!!! If you leave a negative review and decide to come back please note that I will not read for you even if you offer to update the review as the negativity is there and it wouldn't be fair to you or myself. However there are many talented people on the site whom can help you through your problems ⚠️ I am here to help you through those difficult moments in your life. Every problem has an answer and I am here to guide and support you. Clear all of that confusion and for have a bright future. Say good bye to those sleepless nights and not knowing. Call me today for honest and a real insight into your future. I look forward to hearing from you. God bless and hope to speak to you soon.


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