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I’m Zoë, and I’m pleased to meet you and work with you. 🍀 I always follow with my own intuitive, clairaudient and clairsentient abilities, but I do use Tarot and oracle cards for clarification, Spirit communication and extra detail. 🌹 Kindly, consider these points before ordering a reading from me: 💝 This is a place of mutual respect and kindness. Please remember that I am human, too! ✨LOVE IS LOVE. 🏳️‍🌈 LBGTQ+ and heterosexuals all welcome. 💜🌈 ✨I WILL tell you the truth about what I pick up on. Honesty is my policy (but I’m diplomatic). ✨ I WILL provide timeframes if requested—but I CANNOT GUARANTEE these will come to pass. They are a guide, and they can change to reflect people’s choices and other factors. ✨ Context helps. Please be specific about what you want to know and the person/people involved. ✨ I WILL offer practical advice if appropriate. Actions may help your situation. ✨ I WILL answer ONE clarity question per video order. 🌸 ✨ I will NOT answer questions about pregnancy or fertility—including gender predictions or paternity. ✨ I am NOT qualified to diagnose any medical conditions. ✨ I will NOT make predictions about court cases/sentencing or other legal matters. ✨ I do NOT offer very general readings or answer ‘What will happen this month?’ or ‘What do you see for my future?’ type of questions. Please be specific on what you want to know. General questions give general, ‘wishy washy’ answers. ✨ If you’re currently SINGLE, I’m afraid I will NOT provide a physical description of a (potential) future partner. 🌷 ✨ I read ENERGY. A reading will show you the *most likely* outcome in a situation. The future is *not* set in stone; it is flexible, fluid. There are several paths. A reading’s true purpose is to show you strengths and obstacles. We are all in control of our choices and behaviour. 🌒 I’ve done readings professionally for over ten years, but I’ve been aware of my spiritual gifts since childhood. Tarot is a fascinating study. It’s my tool of choice for readings, along with oracle cards; they add depth to my intuitive voice and tell a story through beautiful visuals. I aim to help you work towards solutions.


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