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Blessings dear soul 🌷& Welcome Live Schedule 7/9 7:30am-9am EST 8pm-9pm EST ♋️As an Intuitive Empath, I use my gifts to be able to read current energy based off your specific questions Readings offered: 🖤Relationship guidance ⭐️Spiritual coaching 💵Career 🔮Male perspective /relationship 🧙🏻‍♂️Support+Listening ear 🌈Safe Space LGBTQ+ Video orders‼️ ✅List 2 questions ONLY my dears I am able to fully answer 2 as I have a small window. Any other questions will need to be addressed in a separate reading. ✅Please Specify your questions as detailed as possible for best results. 🚫I DO NOT offer🚫 -Legal advise -Health related readings -General readings (what do you see in the future) -Lost items 🙋🏽‍♂️Please let me know current relationship status with the person you want me to read about to better guide you 🌎 I do not offer timeframes, please know that things shift & change due to free will 😊 Please know that my readings are straightforward about your situation and if you are always looking for a happy ending then I cannot be your reader ✅Please allow time for me to get back with you in the chat box as when I finish a reading most times another live reading will come up. I promise to write you back in 4 hours or less. ⭐️ I do put a lot of time and energy before and after each reading with my clients. I am not here to give you fairy tales and false hope. So please be prepared for what the Spirit Guides have to say. So before leaving a negative review to me or any reader, ask yourself is this what I really need to hear or is my mind already made up and to only hear what you want to hear Blessings 🙏


Relationship coaching, Oracle guidance, Tarot readings

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