Brandys Taurean Eye

Spiritual Mirror-Shadow work
5.5h average response
100.0% on-time delivery

About my services

Please keep Structured questions & READ BIO. I will dive behind the specific question, I will get the outside influence, what needs to be reflected personally or to do with situation for the reality. I treat clients like my personal friends. I can't force people to communicate like grown adults or expand their minds. I prefer 24 HR readings if ordering vid. Be respectful. keep your focus on your question. I will not look into five hundred people at once. I do not get specifics like a television. Not my 🎁 I Trigger or inspire, I rule limbo & karma. Do unto me, what you'd do to self. I am a mirror & see *HIDDEN* behaviors. I will literally Mirror parts of your persona without knowing until after. That also means, I trigger Light & dark in people so you'll see more negative feedback, part of it. My gifts & reading style are not the same as the others. I will challenge you to be authentic. To look at the hangup truthfully. 30% of the portion I recieve goes to TNR for stray ferals. I devote my life to helping children, animals who have no voice. I believe in Shadow work to heal. I CAN'T FORCE SPIRITS TO GIVE YOU WHAT YOU WANT TO HEAR. I rule Saturn (Karma), I'm also a gateway for spirits in the dreamscape. I am gifted , that's why you come to me. I don't cater to Twinflame fads. No more than 1-2 per Reading. The same subject before 10 days time is a no-go. I am straightforward, Possible I won't be your cup of Tea. I get fragment pieces from spirit. Please understand so you can piece it into your Your life. live readings take more patience to hear spirit, keep that in mind. IF YOU'RE UNDER 21, PLEASE READ I don't personally know you. spirit isn't literal like us. Claireaudient, Empath, Sensitive & Healer. i want to help you move forward and release any blocks 😍


Psychic readings, Tarot readings

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