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I provide Tarot readings, specializing in love, career, and relationships. I use my crystal ball, by request, for scrying and to tap into my clairvoyant perceptions. The psychic readings I offer are rooted in the flows of energy and aura around people, places, and situations. This reveals their feelings, thoughts emotions, and intentions. This is most often in the form of Love Readings, Friendships, Career growth/satisfaction, and other similar topics areas. All of which focusing to the energy, thoughts, feelings, and emotions of a person. However, I do not read on Dream Interpretation or read upon the deceased as a Medium. These are not within my field of expertise. With regard to my readings, I am very direct, blunt, and to the point of your question. I do not sugarcoat readings, nor give false-hope/fairytales. I give the exact reading I see. This is in not to be hurtful, but rather to prepare you for the future that comes. No matter how amazing or terrible the news delivered may be, I am detailed and honest of everything I see. ⭐️ Updated 2024 ⭐️ Before placing an order, or engaging the live-call feature, please read all of the following below, as it may impact the quality of your reading. • Include the following for every person involved in the reading: - First name - Date of birth (with year) - If year is unknown, then provide your best guess of the person’s age 📱📞 🎥 Text, Voice, and Video Calls • As long as the call is live, you have the floor to ask as many questions as you like. • Switching between persons/subjects in a call will require resetting to the energy. This usually requires 45-60 seconds to reset to a new subject. • When the call ends, if a question was unanswered, feel free to inquire on it in the comment box. This is restricted to ONE question, but not guaranteed. (See “Follow-Up Question” at bottom of page for more information) ‼️ IMPORTANT ‼️ The following topics are restricted under Terms of Service: • Medical matters 🩺 (pregnancy, future family, and health) •Legal subjects 👮‍♂️ (including divorce/custody topics) • Financial readings💰 (Includes, but not limited to property values, financial assets, crypto currency, gambling outcomes, or financial investments) 🎥 Video Orders: (24 and 1 hour) 🎥 Please limit questions to 1-2 per reading. Video responses are limited to 3 minutes. 🚨 NOTE: additional questions will be ignored/omitted 📝 General Questions 📝 There is nothing wrong with general questions. However, be aware that the amount of detail you provide will impact the answer in the reading. In turn, the more vague the question, the more more vague the answer. The more information you provide, the more detailed the reading can be. 🔔 Follow-Up Questions 🔔 • ONE follow-up question per-reading • Additional questions must be put forward in a new order/call, or they will be not be answered. Answers/Clarification outside of the reading are provided as a courtesy. They are not guaranteed under Terms of Service.


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