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Only Honest answers,NO sugarcoating πŸ‘ΌπŸ’– I need your and your POI's first names & DOBs * Relationship status with this person(in relationship/dating/just friends) *When was the last time you had communication with each other( even if it was just yesterday or today) *A SPECIFIC question ** NO NEW Questions in the message section- whether for video order/chat or calls;messaging after order is only for clarifying the reading already delivered** Message section is NOT for continuing to answer your questions after the end of a delivery/reading.If you have more or new questions,kindly place a new order or call back. I give readings with Questions based on Love,Romance,Relationships,Career,Finance, Business,Personal Development,Spirituality or Self- Growth. PLZ TAKE CARE THAT I DO NOT ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS: "HOW MANY(NUMBER)" QUESTIONS * WHAT'S THEIR NAME? Initials of names? * WHAT WILL THEY SAY? * Someone's "relationship or marital status" (are they single or married? ) * GENERAL QUESTIONS LIKE WHAT WILL HAPPEN TOMORROW,OR THIS SUNDAY OR NEXT WEEK? *WILL THEY SHOW UP?/WILL THEY ARRIVE? WILL THEY MESSAGE/REPLY? *BIRTH/PREGNANCY/FERTILITY/PERIODS * Baby's gender *PHYSICAL FEATURES OR LOOKS OF A PERSON OR WHAT PHYSICAL FEATURES THEY LIKE ABOUT YOU **Will we meet/hug/kiss/have sex? * WHETHER OR NOT YOUR POI HAS SEX WITH SOMEONE * RESULTS OF EXAMS OR INTERVIEWS – It depends on how you performed* , * No general questions like "How does my future look like?" "What will happen to me this year?" Plz SPECIFY like which area of your life you want me to focus on like love,career,finance etc. *PRESENCE OR ABSENCE OF GHOSTS/SPIRITS IN HOUSE OR SOMEWHERE ELSE *LOST/MISSING PEOPLE/ PETS/ITEMS/OBJECTS *QUESTIONS ON DEATH,LOTTO NUMBERS,LEGAL,HEALTH/MEDICAL MATTERS. * Validation of a baby's parents * Mediumship or contact with deceased people * Spells/Curses/Jinxes/Hexes/Magic * Questions involving any celebrity whether living or dead * Covid ** For a question "When a certain event will happen?", Timeframes given are always only an estimate and not fixed* Several external factors can lead to their delay ** For video order Maximum 3(three) questions per 1 order PLZ** Only 1 Person of Interest in 1 order PLZ NOTE: I am a Kind and Compassionate reader BUT honest and Non-sugar coating tooπŸ‘Όβ€ IF I DONT UNDERSTAND YOUR ENGLISH I AM SORRY BUT I WILL HAVE TO ASK YOU TO HANG UP.IF I DON'T UNDERSTAND YOUR QUESTION THEN I DON'T WANT YOU TO WASTE MORE TIME/MONEY IN THE READING TRYING TO FIGURE OUT WHAT YOU ARE SAYING. *I DO NOT GUARANTEE about your future or the predictions about your future; what we do is we only read by "tapping into" what is the most likely or most probable energies of outcome if your question involves anything about the future. This applies to all and any advisor reading for you. Our Future is not fixed in stone; it's fluid.And that's the best thing about the power of our free-will choices,so we can change our Future anytime- It depends on our own choices and decisions that we make/take now. Also please keep in mind that we psychics are not Gods, we may not be accurate all the time πŸ™‚πŸ™πŸ’– I am also offering Reiki healing,help you meditate,candle light session on Live Video calls @5.99/min for helping you relax, to restore and balance your energies,help promote confidence,centering yourself and enhancing spiritual awareness/mindfulness. DISCLAIMER:All readings are for entertainment purposes only.I am not responsible for the actions clients take after getting my readings.


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