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I am a Kind and Compassionate reader BUT honest and Non-sugar coating too πŸ‘ΌπŸ’– I need your and your POI's first names & DOBs * Relationship status with this person(in relationship/dating/ friends/living together/co-worker) *When was the last time you had communication with each other( even if it was just yesterday or today) *A SPECIFIC question I give readings with Questions based on Love,Romance,Relationships,Soulmates,Twinflames,Career,Finance,Family matters,workplace matters, Business,Personal Development,Spirituality or Self- Growth and Mediumship I am LGBTQ friendly. I do not answer the following questions: * What's their name? Initials of names? Zodiac? * What will they say? *Physical features or looks of a person *Presence or absence of ghosts/Spirits in your house or anywhere * Lost/Missing people/pets/objects * Validation of a baby's parents(falls under medical and legal) * Baby's gender(medical) * Questions involving any celebrity whether living or dead (respecting their privacy) * Sex based questions like what positions,orgasm etc.For questions like these,it is advised to consult licensed sex therapists or counsellors who specifically deal with sex related matters.A psychic has ethical and legal boundaries to not read on certain topics which are deeply private. **Answering questions on the following areas are against Purple Ocean's,Garden's and Tide's Advisor Terms of Use: *Death* Lotto numbers* *Legal(Police/Jail/Custody/Prison/Court/Divorce)* *Health or Medical issues( Sickness/illness/disease/birth/pregnancy/fertility/periods) *Spells/Curses/Jinxes/Hexes/Magic* ** No new questions in the message section- whether for video order/chat or calls;messaging after order is only for clarifying the reading already delivered** Message section is NOT for continuing to answer your questions after the end of a delivery/reading.If you have more or new questions,please call back. Remember our future is not "fixed" in stone; it's fluid.And that's the best thing about the power of our free-will choices,so we can change our Future anytime- It depends on our own choices and decisions that we make/take now. And lastly, please keep in mind that I am a psychic not God; I may not be knowing "everything" all the time πŸ™‚πŸ’– DISCLAIMER:All readings are for entertainment purposes only.I am not responsible for the actions clients take after getting my readings.


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