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✨I'm an empath, clairvoyant/audient and intuitive healer - my aim is to help you heal, find clarity & emotional balance in all areas of your life, with use of my gifts and the cards. (I also love teaching others how to tap into their own spiritual gifts) ✨I can give energy healing to you over live services only, we will need a minimum of 15 minutes for this. I use a mixture of Reiki, Angelic and Seichem healing to clear through your energy body and connect you back to source. Please make sure you are in a relaxed state & area when you come for healing so that you can recieve it best ✨I can do aura/energy readings where I give you a break down of your core and mood colours + what it all means but I will only do this for you, not your point of interest or anyone else. An energy reading will take up the whole 3 minutes of one reading - please send a video/picture of yourself for this too ✨I also do numerology readings where I need your DOB to look into your life path and soul numbers. I can also check any day/month/year to see what kind of vibe that day will be in general and for you personally. If you've been seeing random numbers or patterns (1111, 383, 5678 etc) I can also interpret these messages from your guides and angels for you too! ✨I will answer 1 more follow-up question in the messages but please be patient with me as I may be delivering other rush orders (that you can't see) 🚫I do not connect to passed over loved ones, answer health and fertility, legal, or strict time line questions as nothing is purely set it stone - we all have the gift of free will which means our outcomes and destiny can change depending on our actions🚫 ❤️Please come to me with an open mind & heart, I am compassionate and non-judgemental but I won't sugar coat my readings. I channel the best guidance when I feel comfortable and calm so be kind❤️ 👁️Another disclaimer - I am a human being - not God. I do not claim to know every single thing in this universe and psychic readings can never be 100% accurate. These readings are here to help GUIDE you on your journey but should never be soley relyed upon👁️ 🏳️‍🌈LGBTQ friendly🏳️‍🌈 🙏😅Please be concise with your questions and background info on orders - if you send me a long video order please don't write a huge paragraph in the comment box too😅🙏


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