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🌹Thanks for visiting my page today! It's a pleasure to work with you🌹 A little bit about me and how I can help you.. I am a - Cancer🌞 Scorpio🌙 Pisces🌠 👁️🔮life path 11🔮👁️ ✨I'm an empath, telepath, psychic clairvoyant/audient and intuitive healer - my aim is to help you heal, find clarity & emotional balance in all areas of your life ✨I use tarot cards as a tool to tap into the energy of you and your situation to answer your questions about anything that's on your mind - past/present/future ✨I do aura/energy readings where I give you a break down of your core & mood colours, what it all means + a general look at your energy and chakras. Note - I will only do this for you, not your point of interest or anyone else. An energy reading will take up the whole 3 minutes of one reading - please send a video/picture of yourself for this too ✨I do numerology readings where I need your DOB to look into your life path and soul numbers. I can also check any day/month/year to see what kind of vibe it will be in general and for you personally. If you've been seeing random numbers or patterns (1111, 383, 5678 etc) I can also interpret these messages from your angels for you too! ✨I can communicate with animals if you'd like a reading on your pet 🐶 🚫I do not connect to passed over loved ones for mediumship readings 🚫I do not answer health and fertility, legal questions 🚫I do not do strict time lines as nothing is purely set it stone - we all have the gift of free will which means our outcomes and destiny can change depending on our actions 💝People that leave a positive review will be prioritised for follow-up questions 💝 🎁These gifts I use are sent from the divine not my own, divine source energy works through me as a vessel - just as it does for each and every one of us. I can help you connect and open up to that energy and spiritual gifts🎁 ❤️Please come to me with an open mind & heart, I am compassionate and non-judgemental but I won't sugar coat my readings. I channel the best guidance when I feel comfortable and calm so be kind❤️ 🗝️I can do general readings if you don't have a specific POI or question, but please remember the more general your question - the more general the answer! Specific questions give more specific answers🗝️ 👁️Another disclaimer - psychic predictions cannot always be 100% accurate. These readings are here to help GUIDE you on your journey but should never be soley relyed upon👁️ 😅Please be concise with your questions and background info - It's beneficial to have some background but too much can be overbearing😅 🏳️‍🌈LGBTQ+ friendly🏳️‍🌈 🇬🇧From London in UK🇬🇧


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