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❌⚠️I Won’t sugar coat, my negative reviews are either: 1. Beings who think I give too much (correct) information. ⚠️I can’t slow down when Spirit is channeling thru me- I’m a bridge, I’m Not in control of the speed that the message comes thru. 🙏 or 2. Beings wishing I’d lie to them but I won’t. Integrity is crucial to me. I will only speak the Truth, if you dont want the Truth use another advisor. ⚠️ I DO NOT answer simple “Yes” or “No”, I read energy and will answer questions in terms of percentages, and paths. No Human is a robot, I believe in free will. That being said, I do find about 10% of my “Yes” or “no” questions are truly a FULL YES or a FULL NO. I will make it clear to you when this is the case 🧬. ‼️If you have not met your Person of interest or you have not had 1 on 1 conversation with them, I will Not do the reading and send it to support to politely decline. I need an energy current between both people to pick up accuracy, thank you. ‼️NO medical, or legal advice (No court/law, or pregnancy, it is Not allowed on Purple Ocean.) ⚠️CAUTION: I do Not support actions out of integrity, I will confront with compassion. This work is highly sacred to me🙏, I operate from purity and integrity. I am here for you to Help you grow, transform, and receive the messages you need for you to arrive in a space of Clarity. ⭐️Come to me for Honesty and only If you are ready to Hear The Truth. I deliver straight forward with NO B/s. I don’t give simple “Yes” or “no” answers, as humans are NOT robots, we have free will, emotions, and things change. If you desire to UPLEVEL from temptation or stuck cycles, I will provide you tools and support to do so. The Truth isn’t always easy to Hear, Please do not read with me if you have expectations for a specific outcome, save your time and choose someone else 🙏‼️ 🦋Greetings, I offer tarot, rune, oracle readings, and psychic messages as they come thru. 🌊I am clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient, as Spirit sees fit. 🔮Sometimes people aren’t as open- so I use cards. I work based on consent and mutual respect.🐉 ~~~~Please Read the Following before booking🙏🧬~~~~ 🌹No readings on people you’ve never met or at least had a 1:1 conversation with. 🌹 I speak what shows up, I do Not sugar coat, and often(often- Not always) times my readings go Deep. 🌹If you are looking for radical honesty, authenticity, and growth, I may be perfect for you.💓🌊 🌹If you are looking for simple, a Yes or no answer, or someone who tells you what you want to hear- I am not your reader. 🌹I use cards, crystals, candles, runes, oracle cards, and psychic connection when spirit sees fit. Sometimes the energy is very clear and consensual, sometimes the energy is blocked- in which case I use my other mediums to arrive at my answers. 🌹Some readings are fully psychic and some there is too much density or fog in the energy to be clear- which is why I use cards to clarify. 🌹I’m not a medical or financial professional, I will read energy but I do not diagnose. By reading with me, you accept these terms. 🙏 ❗️If you are doing a 3 minute standard or rush reading: I have a 2 question Maximum. If you desire an indepth reading, go live chat or video with me. 🧬✨ ‼️⚠️I will answer one clarifying question per reading ⚠️‼️ This is to clairfy a question from the reading. This is 🚫NOT a Free “3rd question.” Please respect my work🌷. Order another reading to go further than 2 questions, or catch me on Live chat, call, or video.🙏


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