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🦋🌹Greetings, I am a 🗣️ STRONG personality who doesn’t sugarcoat and when I channel there is no controlling delivery‼️A client saying “I was wrong in the last two readings,” when same client left reviews saying that “they totally agree with me” only OUTS the clients negativity and lies🫡. Saying that I was “inaccurate”, or that a prediction “didn’t come true” right after getting a reading about the future only proves it hasn’t happened yet and also OUTS a client.🧿🧿🧿🧿👁️ ~~~~Please Read the Following before booking🙏🧬~~~~ ✅Due to my schedule and other jobs- I DO NOT OFFER clarifying questions anymore. Order a follow up reading with me, or go LIVE with me. 🙏 ‼️ Purple Ocean does not require advisors to offer any additional conversation in the comment box after a reading, it is free/volunteer. ⚠️I WILL NOT sugar coat⚠️ “Way off” or a reading “not resonating” makes no sense, these are predictions- it hasn’t happened or been caught yet, again these are predictions and you came to me because something in your gut warned you. If you can’t handle the truth I am NOT your reader. 🌹🙏 📌I’ve worked with couples for over 16 years and secure, loyal connections don’t involve outside sources asking why their POI is distant and disconnected, because secure, authentic connections aren’t distant or disconnected- meaning if the relationship was fulfilling and perfect you wouldn’t be here. If your mind is Already made up please don’t waste my time or yours. I stand for neutral integrity🧬. I don’t give rainbows and butterflies for readings except when the energy is genuinely so. 🌊 🙏I can’t help anyone in denial.🙏 Only book with me if you are OPEN and you desire to uplevel and grow on your path to your highest self and highest integrity.🧬 ✅I work with first names in order to connect best. 🧿Because of this I DO NOT do readings on “who is my future soulmate/husband/wife?” I will only do readings on You, or about people or pets you already know and have talked to.🧿 🌬I speak swiftly when channeling- I’m a bridge. ❌ Energetically I only consent to orders from Integrity. If you come to me from a space out of integrity, 🧿negative reviews reveal themselves🧿. ⚠️ I don’t answer “Yes” or “No”. No Human is a robot, I believe in free will. That said, I do find about 10% of my “Yes” or “no” questions are truly a FULL YES or a FULL NO. I will make it clear to you when this is the case 🧬. ❌Due to my schedule I do not offer ANY comment box conversation after live chat, live video, or live call. ✅Buy more time if it finished before things were answered. I speak very fast and channel a ton of information in a short time- check my reviews for the Proof. If you see the time is almost up and things aren’t clear- be at peace or buy more time. Please respect this work. ‼️I need an energy current between people to pick up accuracy. No celebrity crush readings unless you’re genuinely friends with them. 📌No readings on people from the distant past that you saw in passing, on vacation once, or an otherwise brief encounter from the past. ‼️NO medical, or legal advice (No court/law, or pregnancy, it is Not allowed on Purple Ocean.) ⚠️💗I confront with compassion. This work is highly sacred to me💫, I operate from purity and integrity. I am here for you to Help you activate, become empowered, grow, transform, and receive the messages you need for you to arrive in a space of Clarity. ⭐️Come to me for Honesty. If you desire to UPLEVEL from temptation or stuck cycles, I will provide you tools and support to do so.🙏 🦋I offer tarot, rune, oracle readings, and psychic messages as they come thru. 🐱🐶🐴I read and communicate with animals as well- horses are my first “language” and most strong connection🦋I would love to connect with your pet. 🌊I am clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient, as Spirit sees fit. 🔮Sometimes people aren’t as open- so I use cards. I work based on consent and mutual respect.🐉 🌹 I speak what shows up, I do Not sugar coat, and often(often- Not always) times my readings go Deep. 🌹If you are looking for radical honesty, authenticity, and growth, I may be perfect for you.💓🌊 🌹I use cards, crystals, candles, runes, oracle cards, and psychic connection when spirit sees fit. Sometimes the energy is very clear and consensual, sometimes the energy is blocked- in which case I use my other mediums to arrive at my answers. 🌹Some readings are fully psychic and some there is too much density or fog in the energy to be clear- which is why I use cards to clarify. 🌹I’m not a medical or financial professional, I will read energy but I do not diagnose. By reading with me, you accept these terms. 🙏 ❗️If you are doing a 3 minute standard or rush reading: I have a 2 question Maximum. If you desire an indepth reading, go live chat or video with me. 🧬✨ Order another reading to go further than 2 questions, or catch me on Live chat, call, or video.🙏


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