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I am now full time on this app. My hrs are noy set in stone but set up those notifications! I log in daily😘 if you need clarification from your reading i will kindly do so after session. I will answer one additional question as well. I am a spiritual intuituve and empath. I’m here to give you all the insight I can to help ease your mind in any current situation. I use my psychic abilities along w tarot for confirmation. I use my natural born gifts to provide clarity to your mind. I come from love and my delivery is gentle regardless of the situation. I lead w my heart to heal yours!!! Please keep in mind i am NOT A MEDICAL PROFFESSIONAL…. Health related issues may not be resolved through me. AS WELL AS LEGAL MATTERS…. My guides will help guide you the best that they can! I do have mediumship abilitiy but it always depends on the spirit. Some will stop and say hi and others won’t. I truly channel mesages and give you what i’ve been given. I am a clairaudient and a clairvoyant. I will tell you what i feel and see for you all while shuffling. I strickly use cards to confirm what i’m already hearing and seeing❤️ My GOAL is to help inspire others, guide others and even help you tap i to your own gifts! I BELIEVE WE ARE ALL MADE TO SHINE AND I WANT TO HELP YOU FIND YOUR SPARKLE IN THIS WORLD✨ Will only answer one follow up question. Thank you for respecting my boundaries 🫶🏼🙏 ALSO THE REVIEW PAGE IS ONLY FOR REVIEWS NOT MESSAGES FOR ME! Kindly use the NUDGE BUTTON TO GET ME ONLINE. Thank you!!!


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