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Thank you for choosing me as your advisor, I look forward to meeting you!! I require names / bdays with clear questions and a brief summary to connect!! I am featured in client journeys 3 times for my ability to guide my clients and have been staff pick several times. I am so grateful for the trust given to me from my clients! I am here to help to the best of my ability and I look forward to meeting you! ❤️ I always strive to give you as much information as possible regarding your I ask to please respect my time by understanding that I will answer only one clarifying question regarding the same topic in the comments. 💕❤️ VERY IMPORTANT!! PLEASE READ ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE SUBMITTING A READING!! ❤️ 🌎I am in the MTN TIME Zone. I am also available for video calls, phone calls and chat thru our sister site Purple Garden. 😊 💗❤️Welcome and thank you for considering me for your reading! Please read my profile in order to allow me to provide you with the best service possible 😊💗 😘 WARNING : I WILL NOT TELL YOU WHAT YOU WANT TO HEAR!! ... I will tell you what I receive from my guides, intuition and from my tarot cards. I am blunt and will read what I am receiving honestly. Please be conscious of the fact that timelines can change due to the vibration and energy YOU are sending out! ❤️❤️I am a Twin flame and relationship councillor. Please understand that twin flame relationships can be tricky but so worth your patience and inner work. I am here to provide you with the clarity to help with this loving and beautiful journey. HOWEVER... I DO NOT CONFIRM OR SPECIFY WHETHER YOU ARE IN A TWIN FLAME /SOULMATE CONNECTION!! Twin flame connections are personal and it's up to you to determine if you are on that journey. I can give the tools to determine a TF connection but I will not determine for you! 🙏 VERY IMPORTANT!! PLEASE READ ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS BELOW BEFORE SUBMITTING A READING!! Submissions not meeting requirements will be rejected, thank you!! ❤️ 🕊️😊I truly want to provide you with the best readings I can.. My guides and I want to help you with your journey and all your life questions to help guide you. 🚫No GENERAL QUESTIONS PLEASE..!!!!.. as it is difficult to give a life reading in 3 minutes. Please provide me with all the information needed for your questions .. As we are also working with the energy of the questions you are asking and the clarity you have provided. 💗😊 🚫DO NOT Submit without providing the names/bdays or age and relationship of all parties involved with your questions. 🚫 I do not read on multiple love interests. One love interest per reading. 🚫 I will not choose your romantic interest or tell you if someone is "The One". Romantic decisions are always your choice. I DO NOT SUPPORT VIOLENT OR UNHEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS!! 🚫 I do not do celebrity crush readings.. Or readings where you have never spoken to or you don't know the actual person you are inquiring about (this includes all parties involved with that person). If you have not spoken to the person you are inquiring about for more than two years, I am not the advisor for you as I work with current energies. 🚫 I do not and will not support or encourage relationships with past /current behavior of abuse in any form!! 🚫 Timelines are NOT guaranteed!! I can tell you what I hear or am shown but I am only human. Usually they are very accurate but energy changes due to lessons we may need or to energy not shown for me. Follow the guidance given for the best results! 🚫 No legal, health, pregnancy questions!! These should be handled by professionals in the field! 🚫No more than 1 clarifying question relating to the SAME topic!! Please order another readings if you have more questions! 😊 🚫I will not interfere with the energy of a third party. I will not tell you that there is a 3rd party unless this is a question that you are seeking specifically. Meaning unless shown and given permission by my guides.. I will not look into the relationship of others or do readings for others. 🚫I do not provide your soulmates name /physical appearance / where or how you will meet them unless I am shown by my guides 🚫Do not play 'test' the psychic! I work with the energy provided to me.. Do NOT omit details such as affairs, married individuals, etc etc... 🚫ABSOLUTELY NO MEDIUMSHIP READINGS during RUSH MODE or SALES!! Mediumship readings can take up to 24 hours to be delivered as they can take more energy in order to provide you the best information from loved ones. Medium readings MUST have a picture of the deceased!! While I will pass along any messages from your loved ones... Please provide specific questions!! Messages from those passed over usually mean nothing to me.. Meaning they can be shown as a symbol, words, sentences, images. But they usually come through a very clear message for YOU to understand! 🙏🙏 🚫Career questions MUST have choices!! I will NOT decide your career for you...!! I can however help with your choices and look at the energy of what may suit you best and see possible obstacles or openings to your career path. 🚫Do not compare me to other readers or readings!! I will not tell you what you want to hear just for a positive review! If 20 other psychics say yes and I say no... Follow the advice given to me by your guides and angels! YOU chose me for a reason! You were guided to me by a higher purpose!! Let me be the channel from your guides and angels and listen to what messages they have for you! ❤️😘 🚫 Due to time constraints and those taking advantage of the messaging system... I will provide Two clarifying questions regarding the original reading only!!.. NO EXTRA QUESTIONS!! If you have more questions or more than one topic, please submit another order. Thank you! 💗 CHAT REQUESTS: DUE TO CLIENTS TAKING ADVANTAGE OF THE COMMENT SECTION, I DO NOT ANSWER EXTRA QUESTIONS IN CHAT!! PLEASE ADD MORE TIME.. THANK YOU ❤️ PLEASE PROVIDE CLARITY IN YOUR QUESTIONS! THE MORE INFORMATION YOU PROVIDE WILL ALLOW MY GUIDES TO PROVIDE ME THE MOST ACCURATE ANSWERS TO YOUR QUESTIONS! THANK YOU! ❤️❤️❤️☺️💗 I truly look forward to helping you as your advisor! 😊💗 Please remember to be open to the journey... Not just the result!! 🌠


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