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🔮 Welcome To Purple Ocean & Purple Garden 💫 My Name Is Aria, I am Licensed Professional Psychic & Empath With Over 30 Years Experience In My Field I Read Through Feelings, Emotions And Visual Images 🧿 I Offer A Different Approach and Welcome All Walks Of Life, To Experience A Reading with Me, But A Few Cautionary’s, My Gift Can Be Selective, There are Some Individuals In This Universe I Can’t Or Wont Connect with , In My Personal Life, I Can Choose To Turn Away A Client If I Get Negative Vibes From A Person, But Here In The App You Choose Me, Therefore I Ask You To Act Respectful Toward Me, You Must Be Patient And Pleasant For Me To Want To Read For You, Your Questions Must Be Genuine To Me, A Psychic Uses A LOT of Energy To Read Long Distance, Bare This In Mind, I Prefer To Help You Solve Your Problems So When Asking A Question Tell Me The Issue You Are Having, That Way Less Time Is Spent Trying To Feel What The Issue Is And Then Searching For The Outcome. 📱 For LIVE CHAT It is Helpful To Type Out Your Questions and Issues Along With Your Name and Date Of Birth and The Name and Date Of Birth Of The One In Question Prior To Our Reading and Copy and Paste in The Live Chat Area This Will Make It Go Much Quicker And We Can Utilize Our Time Wisely. 🎥 For VIDEO READINGS Two Questions Max On A Single Topic Please. Make Sure To Include Both Your Name And Partners Name And Dates Of Birth Before Submitting Your Order And a Brief Description of The Current Problem or Issue, If You’ve Been Separated Please Let Me Know How Long Time Frames Can Be Confusing, Remember I Sense Emotions. 🧘🏼‍♀️ Before Our Reading Begins Take a Few Moments To Clear Your Mind and If You Have Had Any Recent Reading Try To Not Focus On Anything That Was Said Or Predicted If You Meditate Before Hand That Is Useful To Clear Previous Readings. 🚨 I HAVE AN ABSOLUTE NO TOLERANCE POLICY IF YOU ARE RUDE, DISRESPECTFUL UNAPPRECIATIVE OF ME OR MY GIFT I WILL NOT READ FOR YOU, ESPECIALLY IN LIVE CHAT. 🚨Restrictions ( Topics I Avoid or Are Uncomfortable with ) Sex Or Questions About Sex Or Stories Of Intimate Encounters, Are Not Details I Wish To Hear ☺️ 🚨Questions About Children ( Under 13 ) Should Be Avoided A Child Is Pure In Nature And Reading Them Is Can Have Negative Affects on There Virtue. 🚨 You Must Be FLUENT IN ENGLISH in Order For Me To Read You. 🕒 Time Frames Can Be Given In Some Cases, But I Do Say Every Choice We Make Today Changes Tomorrow’s Out Come, And We Humans Have a Tendency To Change Our Minds Frequently So Usually Time Frames Are “Give Or Take” For Predictions Before They Manifest. 🕯 You May Also Be Interested To Know A Few Unlucky Things Not To Do After A Reading As Taught To Me And I Feel It’s Helpful To Know, I Was Always Told Not To Dwell Or Talk About Your Readings Especially When The Outcome Is Good Dwelling Or Emphasizing Can “Jinx” The Reading, And It’s Better To Just Leave It Be And Let It Manifest The Way It Is Meant To Be Through Destiny And The Universe. 🌎 In Response To My Negative Reviews Please Note I Don’t Sugar Coat My Readings and From My Point Of View All Of The Bad Reviews Are The Result Of The Outcome Not Being In The Clients Favor, Some The Clients Did Not Provide The Information To Make The Connection, Or Was A Undesirable Client (Unappreciative) And More Then A Few With Language Barriers Which Leads To Misinterpretation And A Ton Of Extra Work For Me Explaining The Definition Of Words And Clarifying The Whole Reading In The Comments.


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