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Welcome My Name Is Aria I Am A Psychic Empath I am A Licensed Professional And Helping Others For Over 30 Years I Read Energies And Emotions Of Others, I Have Spirit Guides And Guardians And Saints That Aid Me In My Quest To Help Others, I Can Receive Visual Images From Higher Sources, I Am A Natural Healer Gifted Through God, With Healing Stigma Or Healing Hands My Gifts Are Unique To My Self I Have Met No Other Like My Self I am Absolutely Genuine And Honest With What I See Sense And Feel ... With Your Reading Please Know Timeframes Can Sometimes Be Felt Or Gauged But Not Every Situation Has A Timeline Because Our Fate Is Determined By Our Own Decisions And Indecisiveness Is A Common Confliction To Many Of Us. Please Note Before Our Reading I Do Have A Few Request Your Compliance Is Greatly Appreciated. 🚫 I Do Not Answer Questions About Sex Or Intimacy. 🚫You Must Be Fluent In English So We Can Communicate Well 🚫No Questions About Children ( Because Of Their Purity ) 🚫For Video Readings Only Two (2) Questions Per Reading And One (1) Follow Up Question In Chat. And You Must Be Patient And Pleasant And Allow Me Time To Connect ... “Remote Viewing” Or Long Distance Reading Requires A Lot Energy So Anything Less Then Five Minutes May Not Be Adequate Time I Suggest At Least 10 Minutes For Live Chat To Make A Strong Connection But A Minimum Of 5 Minutes Should Be Allowed. Having Your Question With Your Name And Date Of Birth As Well As The Person In Question If Any Is Helpful To Save Time Especially With Less Time To Chat. My Availability Varies Mainly Nights, That’s My Quite Time And When I Am Able To Read Remotely, Without Distractions Of Life, And The Vail Between Our World And The Spirit World Is Lighter, Allowing Me Access To Harness My Powers. I am Us Pacific Time So I May Begin as Early as 9:00 PM. You May Also Be Interested To Know A Few Unlucky Things NOT To Do After A Reading As Taught To Me By My Grandmother And I Feel It’s Helpful To Know, I Was Always Told Not To Dwell Or Talk About Your Readings Especially When The Outcome Is Good Dwelling Or Emphasizing Can “Jinx” The Reading, And It’s Better To Just Leave It Be And Let It Manifest The Way It Is Meant To Be Through Destiny And The Universe, Seeking Other Sources Of Conformation (Being Read By Another) Can Also Interfere With The Outcome. Thank For Taking The Time To Read I Look Forward To Helping You 🙏🏼


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