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πŸ™πŸΌ Please Read All Advisors Profiles This Is Your Responsibility Not All Psychics Are The Same We Each Have Our Own Gifts Unique To Ourselves. πŸ’« Welcome My Name Is Aria, My Availability Can Be Very Limited, Due To My Abilities And As Empath, I Require A Certain Environment With Out Distractions To Be Able To Tap In So Night Hours Allow Me That, If I am Available Please Take Advantage I My Self am A Professionally Licensed Psychic Counselor With Over 30 Years Experience, I Love Assisting In All Matters Human Related, I Read People Through Energy Which Allows Me To Tap Into Their Emotions, I Step Into Peoples Hearts And Souls, I Help Couples On One Side Or Both To Get To Better Ground, Knowing What Your Partner Is Feeling Is The Best Foundation For Growth, My Gifts Allow Me To Guide You Toward A Better Relationship & Strengthening The Bond. ✨ I Have Spirit Guides That Help Me Along The Way, Through Feelings, Emotions, Intuitions , Visually and Audibly- But Every Connection To Every Client Is Different It’s What Comes Through For You, And What The Spirits Want You To Know ... 🌞 I Require The Name And Date Of Birth Day Month and Year To Connect To Anyone Empathicly Otherwise I Can Ask The My Guides Trough The Tarot If The Information Is Unknown. πŸ’« I Do Not Answer Questions Related To Sex or Intimacy Or Need To Be Informed Of Anything Related. ✨ I Specialize In Love and Relationships Such As Marriage, Family, Children ( That Are Over 16 ) Work Relationships, Anything Human Related, Other Topics Non Human Related Can Be Read Through Cards And Names Of Prospects. 🌟 I Have Over 30 Years Experience In My Field, I Require My Clients To Be Pleasant And Respectful and Not To Abuse The Comment Section. The Comment Area Is NOT For Continuation Of Your Reading, All Questions Must Be Asked And Answered During Live Chat. ✨Timeframes Can Sometimes Be Gauged But When Reading Energy There is No Indication of Time. πŸ’« A Minimum Of 5 Minutes Should Be Available To Me In Order To Conduct A Reading ,I Recommend 10 For A More In-depth Reading. 🌈 And Above All I Am Not Judgmental Of You Or Your Situation Or Sexuality I Love All Humans Alike. πŸ’« Please Be Open To All Outcomes And Possibilities Good and Bad Before Deciding To Get A Reading...


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