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The Diamond Path My elevated, deluxe readings are a threefold experience of Tarot, Oracle, and Intuitive Coaching. I give a comprehensive explanation of aspects of the Self and how they relate to what is being revealed or not. I enjoy reading on matters of the heart, as well as Self Improvement. At Your Service FOR STANDARD PRICING: What you will receive in a reading from me is an initial intuitive channeling of information tailored to your specific situation. I will draw 1-3 cards and explain how they correlate to your initial inquiry. PLEASE TAKE NOTE: THERE IS ONLY ONE QUESTION ALLOWED PER READING! PLEASE DO NOT DISRESPECT ME AS YOUR ADVISOR BY ASKING ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS AFTER YOUR READING HAS CONCLUDED! THEY WILL NOT GET ANSWERED! ADDITIONALLY: ASKING QUESTIONS YOU ALREADY KNOW THE ANSWER TO WILL GET YOU NOWHERE AND WILL CONFUSE THE FLOW OF ENERGY! IF YOU WANT A TRUTHFUL ANSWER BE FORTHRIGHT. TRYING TO TEST A PSYCHIC IS ONLY A RECIPE FOR AN INACCURATE RESULT. An Honorable Exchange In the case of any reader, it is customary to leave an honest review of the service you received, regardless of whether the information proved to be what you desired. Readers are conduits of the Divine who are giving you their energy as currency in exchange for the financial Tribute you choose to release. Courtesy and reviews are rewarded. If you aren’t generous with feedback, I will not be generous with information. Fate and Destiny People often ask “if things can change, why should I get a reading?” To which I ask “why live if you know you’re going to die someday? Why pursue your dreams if you know one day they won’t matter? Why seek medical help if you or a loved one has a terminal illness?” For peace of mind. A quietness of the spirit. A mutual understanding. A means of preparation. Please proceed with respect when pursuing guidance, and understand that what’s meant to be will be, regardless. I also want to remind you of the notion of FREE WILL. This means the situation can and will evolve from moment to moment according to the individual aspirations of you and all parties involved. Conflicting Aspirations If the information I give you is contrary to what you believe or receive, take it with a grain of salt and move on with neutrality and kindness. Negativity and disrespect will not be tolerated. I deliver what Spirit tells me to. Nothing more, Nothing less. ⚔️💎⚔️Legalities⚔️💎⚔️ Tarot Reading is subject to interpretation and should not be taken as Absolute.  A Tarot Reading is never 100% accurate. All Tarot Readings given by me are for entertainment purposes only, and no guarantee can be given as to the accuracy of a Reading.  A Tarot Reading does not replace Professional Medical/Legal/Business Opinion and Advice. It will not Force you to follow a particular Course of Action, or attempt to exert any form of Control over your Free-Will and Common Sense.  The contents of a Tarot Reading are not legally binding.  Any Decisions made, or Actions taken by you as a result of your Tarot Reading are your sole Responsibility and have not been Forced Upon You, by me, your Tarot Reader. I assume no legal liability for any damages, losses, or other consequences of any client decisions, subsequent to, or based on, my Tarot readings.  Please use your own Common Sense and Judgment at all times. It is only with the Complete Understanding and Acceptance of the above that your Reading will take place.


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