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PLEASE READ BIO AND INSTRUCTION BEFORE ORDERING A READING I CANT STRESS THIS ENOUGH THANK YOU!❤️ 💫with voice call let me know if you would like to use tarot cards or my love deck this deck is specifically for love and relationships only. Regarding these decks, I will calculate both you and your point of interest, date of birth in order to get your life path number, another technique that I use, which is numerology. ( read bio & instructions) 🪻🦋WELCOME🦋🪻 💜🧘🏻‍♀️make sure I’m the right advisor for you. I will tell you the honest truth I’m not a reader giving fairytales and giving false hope. I’m kind , understanding, compassionate, and here for you to receive your clarity and help with what you may have been blinded or confused on. If you easily get offended , or coming into a reading upset and anxious reconsider or make sure you’re ready to receive a reading. Be kind and respectful don’t take it out on us as advisors you did come to this platform for a reading. Thank you love & light💫 Hi am Amethyst Gia 🧘🏻‍♀️💜, here are a few details you need to know/ be aware of before ordering a reading with me 🔮 when ordering a reading with me I truly put my all not only into the reading, but into grasping onto the energies involved, and connecting to spiritual guides to give you clarity , confirmation and detailed information that you are needing ,wanting or looking for. I will provide you with what spiritual guide shows and what the energies involve show. I love what I do and I love helping my clients please be openhearted/open minded to what may be revealed. ✨ name, date of birth, & specific questions you would like me to tap into. ⭐️without date of birth wont receive as much detail ⭐️ how you word the question does matter, be specific, in what you are wanting to know ✨ ‼️general readings are surface readings overall view on a subject or energy won’t be detailed or as in-depth ( if you chose to have a general reading, makes no sense to leave a bad review you chose a general reading you did not provide any specific questions. Of course you didn’t receive what you were specifically looking for because there was no specific questions provided) ✨‼️if you’ve been to multiple advisors with the same questions be open minded don’t compare and if you know you been to multiple advisors and if my reading was totally different from theirs, I strongly suggest you wait and see what the outcome is before leaving a review ✨ after every reading, there is a comment section that clients could utilize if they still have any confusion after the reading ,need extra clarification, or have a follow up question I offer 2 follow up questions. ⭐️ estimation timeframe may be provided depending on what spiritual guide shows and your situation. Freewill can come into play regarding estimation time frames as you know, time is fluent as well. ✨please let me know if you use pronouns they/them he/she etc. ✨ freewill can happen in any situation and freewill can occur in a matter of hours, days, weeks ,months ,years depending on the energy. 🎥24HOUR & RUSH ORDER READINGS 📍Three questions per video order 📍Two follow-up questions I will answer extra clarification & if you are confused about the reading. ✨⭐️ allow time for comment responses due to high Volume of readings I may get delayed however I will get to your questions in the comment section as soon as I can. ⭐️ I DO NOT DO…… 🔺no health readings, legal matters, pregnancy , stolen missing items/people, 🔺no career or education questions/readings 🔺no social media questions , nor can my spiritual guide see if your blocked/deleted 🔺not a medium don’t tune into energies who have passed 🔺 my guides do not see characteristics, names, initials, what they do for a living , weather there older or younger, if they have children. For example does my future husband/wife/partner have kids , are they good looking? do they have money? 🔴Do not speak of any spells, spell work, hex, demonic entities etc. as this is against Purple Ocean guidelines


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