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* Please note that I am moving my workspace over this weekend 1-3 March so I will be less available but back daily from Monday onwards ♥️ NOTE to all my regular clients: I am now back online daily 🦋 I work as a tarot reader & healer off this platform too, so if it says I am offline give me a nudge so that I may come online for you 🙏 🌕 Beautiful souls, please read my profile before entering into a session with me 🌑 Your current energy has a composition that shows us what you, your life situations and your connections are manifesting. This empowers you to either keep aligning with this path or link into another more desireable path. We can explore what is available and what your current energy is biased towards. Tarot is a sacred navigational tool, Arcana means hidden wisdom. The card’s trajectory embodies the journey of the soul. Your current path can be revealed and the layers run deep. The connections you manifest with others form a beautiful design of the experiences your soul has chosen and the lessons you are here to learn🪐 🌗Please state what kind of reading you would like: TAROT - your energy map, what is your energy manifesting? TAROT - current energy of you and your person-of-interest, what is this energy manifesting? ALL CONNECTIONS - Intuitive Guidance (all relationships) LIFE PATH ALIGNMENT SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE THE “TWIN FLAME” JOURNEY - I had stopped doing sessions for this journey but I have decided to re-open this, please understand that this process is very different from a Soulmate as the Twin Flame is one soul (not two separate souls), you need to understand that this path is a spiritual and solo journey where you learn how to detach from your twinflame. I WILL NOT PULL TAROT for twin flames. My guidance is what I offer here. I know it can feel tough in the beginning BUT THE GOOD NEWS IS: it becomes BEAUTIFUL the more you resonate with truth and the twin flame heart. I can answer your questions and move you forward. It is an incredible path to experience. Treating your twin flame as a separate soul that you need to be with will cause you unbearable pain. You do need to surrender to this journey if you want to step out of the painful cycle and into the soul (which is your twin flame). MANIFESTATION LOA ASCENSION GUIDANCE (Many of you are currently experience “Awakening”. It can be a difficult process, with guidance you can experience your journey as the gift that it is. A transformation so beautiful that it permeates every aspect of your life in the most extraordinary way. Before you request a cold read (i.e. providing no context) please keep in mind: it would benefit our session if you can provide your situational context, I can move more swiftly into the specifics of your energy. Context anchors your reading to your life situation. It saves you time and values your money. It does not make our reading any less “psychic” contrary to what you may think. Energy does not come through with specifics all the time, when you provide context the energy can link and dock itself in the 3D and communicate messages more clearly. Let us incorporate these magnificent modalities into our lives so they can be useful and respectfully employed, this will serve you 🙏 Third party energy - I will not pry/investigate 3rd party energy. I will only read for your energy and the souls connected to your energy 🙏 Timeframes in readings: please read notes below on divine timing. In your questions try to exchange “when” for “how”. Because potentials/outcomes happen WITH you not TO you. When I recieve indications of short term / long term potentials I will always share & if I am alerted to timing I will also share. However, I rarely read like this for the short sessions I do online here. My focus is energy. My Dear Clients, I appreciate each and every one of you. As we progress into this very powerful new epoch, we must deepen our awareness. It is so important for you to understand how to harness your own energy and empower yourself, this places you in a powerful state of creation. This is the true source of manifestation. *** I read energy and interpret energy through the tarot, what is communicated and revealed to me = I share with you. I cannot force or literalise interpretations if they are intended to remain mysterious. My guides and your guides will not reveal what is not meant for you to know at this time, this is cosmic law. That said, there is alot to be revealed and this is the reason we are given Tarot and the ability to read/sense energies. But forcing our will apon a reading will only lead to confusion and… lessons. Our work is to take what is revealed and allow it to enrich our experience with its wisdom. We nurture the flower of life into blossoming. We don’t demand or force the XYZ. “Divine Timing” is largely misunderstood, it is not referring to linear earth time. “Divine Time” is ALIGNMENT. This is where my gift is, providing guidance so that my clients understand how they can align to their higher purpose - and start manifesting their higher paths. You are always manifesting, energy is always changing. Once you understand how to align, you are less and less inclined to experience negative “lessons” and repetitive cycles (in your relationships, your career… your life situation). It is very important to understand that free-will can change the course of outcomes in present energy: I combine channeled insights with guidance on how to alchemize your energy. The concept of free-will is NOT an excuse that Psychics use to atone for faltered predictions (in fact, no reader worth their salt would ever claim to offer a single fixed prediction, please don’t get hooked on this!). Free-will is a very powerful layer to your existence and not to be bypassed. Nothing Legal Nothing Medical Nothing Financial


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