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🪷WELCOME🪷 I am not able to be online here all that often so click the bell if you would like to know when I am here ☀️ In my readings I will reveal to you what I see and feel in your current energy field (and in connection to others). I typically use the esoteric system of Tarot to read higher dimensional strings and deeper motivations pulling & influencing your situation. I will help you progress into your higher potential in LOVE/CAREER/PURPOSE/ALL SITUATIONS. I deliver challenging observations with honesty, care and sensitivity. I will highlight areas that call for attention. Please contextualise your questions when you arrive into a session or request a reading. Keep in mind that energy work is sensitive, try not to stress psychic contact with impatience ☀️ we want to expose what is hidden with light and bring understanding to you. + I will bring clarity to experiences that may feel exciting/confusing/challenging in your reality and in your connection to others. I will deliver insights from the subtle realms as I sense them. I can help to illuminate your purpose and identify what is blocking/stopping/limiting you or your connections. I cannot, however, always turn myself into a vending machine and I cannot make up details that do not exist for you. It is my profession to explain spiritual concepts and simplify where possible - but I cannot ultimately think for you or control your ability to absorb challenging information or spiritual counsel. My guidance is garnered towards real progress, this is what you will receive when booking me. + Gain understanding into love/life/career, live your life with purpose, self-empowerment and personal sovereignty. A fulfilling life begins with honesty, courage and humility and is led with GRACE, EASE & FLOW. Use intuitive/psychic counsel effectively to amplify your understanding and gain insights about the deeper layers to your life situations and the people you are connecting with. + Please understand that I cannot give you my private details for session, it is against the platform’s policy, it is not personal. I do try to come online more often but I cannot keep a set schedule for this platform. + Note: It is important to understand that relationships, reconciliation, partnerships and true connection do not happen in isolation of how you or your person choose to treat and approach the energies revealed in our reading. This is my area of expertise, this is absolutely vital to understand when observing future progressions (predictions) + While I will gather insights regarding a person you are connected to… I will not be providing/encouraging endless request for remotely viewed evidence to support, for example, an addiction to invading the privacy of other people - 3rd party - you may be tempted to fixate on, this is an expression of self-sabotage. I love my clients, I honestly love people enough to not enable destructive habits, I’m not here to play a role that supports anything that is ultimately very negative for you. I am happy to EXPLORE these areas, there are often insights & gifts to be uncovered when we follow a thread as to why we are drawn to someone in particular, it is often very soulful but not always what we initially think it is. This can lead to profound break-through and there is no shame at all, it’s just about being willing to sincerely look at your situation with me. I am not judgemental in any way/shape/form. You will find that I am warm and easy to be open with. + I am not offering remote viewing, document reading or mediumship at this time. + Thank you to all the clients who express fondly with review after a reading, the give and receive cycle is greatly appreciated & my regulars know that I am typically quite willing to extend into the comments when I don’t have immediate offline bookings to get to. I don’t recall ever leaving a client hanging, unless a chat box closed automatically. I treat my clients properly, I expect my clients to treat me properly. I give you what I have, sometimes it’s not always what you demand, it’s not a psychic brothel just because you paid. Divination and Psychic Energy work deserves to be respected or it will not respect us. + No Time-frames - Fixating on the timing of our desires is counterproductive. DIVINE ORCHESTRATION : there is no time in the subtle realms / spirit world / quantum/field). Timing is ALL about alignment. The more aligned someone is to their desire, the more rapidly it can manifest. Inner work is the process of alignment. This is the case for EVERY human being incarnating on this planet. + The energy radiating out from our soul has a harmonic vibrational composition that is personal by Divine design. Our energy signature is an extraordinary combination of a multitude of layered vibrations packed with extensive multidimensional information. We are not solely our mind, nor our body. + + + + I’m astonished that I actually have to write this part but let me clearly state my boundary line so you don’t waste your money finding out: If you cannot be somewhat dignified or mature within the space of our reading I will very likely suggest an end to our session. A negative review threat is of no value to me nor do I rely on a star rating generated by an algorithm of smiley and frown-y faces to base my outside career on, thankfully. Frankly, I don’t want to deal with this level of reactivity any longer, so if you see yourself fitting the aforementioned profile or have an immature manner, I don’t really feel inclined to deal with you. I love my job and I love my regular clients dearly when I come online here. I am here for adults who would like to advance into beautiful lives and partnerships.


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