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Hi guys! I am Cate A TRUTHSAYER🕊 delivers wiith compassion💫 ✨I am here to share Divine Messages to support your journey forward in healthier relationships.✨ PLEASE READ Prior to ordering- so you know what I do provide. ❗️COMMENT BOX- Please Recognize this space is for clarity only on the read. Not to continue the reading or ask new questions. ❗️ Thank you appreciate your understanding. 🫧If you only want to hear your POSITIVE outcome, or you know the answer, then I am NOT your advisor.🫧 🌥Negative REVIEWS are left by clients who want to hear their desired outcome only, and do not want to do the inner work of self reflection and healing of unhealthy attachments. •I do not take calls, chats, or videos from those who left a negative reviews. 💛I am an intuitive and empath, I connect to deep feelings and the energy of whom you are asking in the situation. I do not read minds. 💛I am here to listen, be a sounding board, to your life’s situation and a beacon of light to brighten your path forward. 💛I value and respect my clients and hold space for them to receive support. ✨I believe readings are to bring you awareness, and give you an opportunity to see THE BIG PICTURE, from there you can decide what is best for your highest self✨ 💛I use tarot and oracle cards, that do open the realms of clarity and deepen the interpretation in your reading. 💛I study astrology and psychology, as it is connected to our soul growth and it helps to answer life’s lessons and the whys 💛I give support on all love relationships, career direction and life path The Universe delivers messages of awareness and guidance to assist you on your life to understand your soul’s journey, and relationships 🦋I read the energy of your situation from the PRESENT, it is NOT set in stone, as your own reactions to the reading & those involved, ie: POI, have FREEWILL 💫FREEWILL 💫influences outcomes- and cause change- feelings and energy shifts, before, during and after a reading 🦚It is important for you to be OPEN & HONEST when sharing with me, it is an exchange of energy. 💛Come to me with an open heart and mind, and you will feel heard and supported. 💛Communicating in the MESSAGE BOX is to help with clarifying, NO NEW QUESTIONS! NO 3RD PARTY READINGS NO LISTS OF COMPANIES, POI ASKING which one will hire or like you NO TIMELINES NO BLACK MAGIC NO GENERAL QUESTIONS- Will I find love? What is my path? NO LOST OBJECTS OR ANIMALS I am a 🌞Light Worker🌞 •TESTING me with incorrect information or purposley holding back doesn’t help your reading 🕊When you share openly, you’ll feel heard and be satisfied with your reading ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ •RUSH DELIVERY Please limit the questions to 2 as there is not enough time and I want you to be satisfied with your reading 💌Please giive DETAILS and a VIDEO with your questions to receive a deeper reading. Vague questions bring vague readings. •VOICE CALL for lots more questions •LIVE CHAT give details with your questions, for a more in-depth response to your situation. Please allow a few seconds to connect to energy 🔸Please resist sending multiple POI questions at once, it muddles the frequencies


Love readings, Oracle guidance, Tarot readings

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