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Hi! I am Cate-TRUTHSAYER🕊 🔔 If I am not on, please hit the square red button “NUDGE “ directly under my photo. 💛PLEASE READ Prior to ordering. ‼️ USE OF COMMENT BOX- I no longer engage in the comment box due to abuse. 🫧If you only want to hear your POSITIVE outcome, or you know the answer, then I am NOT your advisor.🫧 ✨I am here to support your journey forward in healthier relationships & choices.✨ 💛I am an intuitive and empath, I connect to deep feelings and the energy of whom you are asking in the situation. I do not read minds. Please provide the background of your situation. 💛I value and respect my client and I am here to listen, be a sounding board, to your life’s situation and a beacon of light to brighten your path forward. 💛Topics •all love relationships •career direction and life path •family and personal decisions 🌞I read the energy of your situation in the PRESENT, it is NOT set in stone, your own reactions to the reading & those involved, ie: POI have FREEWILL 💫FREEWILL 💫influences outcomes- and cause change- feelings and energy shifts, before, during and after a reading. 🌞Be OPEN & HONEST sharing with me, you’ll feel heard and satisfied- it is an exchange of energy. NO 3RD PARTY READINGS NO LISTS OF COMPANIES, POI ASKING which one will hire or like you NO TIMELINES NO BLACK MAGIC NO GENERAL QUESTIONS- Will I find love? Will I get married? When will I be pregnant? NO LOST OBJECTS OR ANIMALS •TESTING me with incorrect information or purposley holding back doesn’t help your reading I am a 🌞Light Worker🌞 ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ •RUSH DELIVERY Please limit questions to 2 as there is not enough time and I want you to be satisfied with your reading 💌Please give DETAILS and a VIDEO with your questions to receive a deeper reading. Vague questions bring vague readings. 🔸Please resist sending multiple POI questions at once, it muddles the frequencies.


Love readings, Oracle guidance, Tarot readings

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