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**PLEASE INCLUDE FIRST NAMES AND DETAILS ON RELATIONSHIP STATUS IF ORDERING A READING ON SOMEONE ELSE** Psychic intuitive and tarot card reader, I aim to provide clarity and comfort. I specialize in Love and relationship readings, but can also look into career, general guidance, what your guides and angels want you to know, and anything else! I will not sugar coat but will tell you the honest truth to help guide you and give you insights into your situations🥰 all I need is your name and any names of anyone also asked about! PLEASE READ BEFORE ORDERING: I am able to pick up on energies, how the energy feels in the moment of the reading. Energy is constantly changing due to free will as feelings change and decisions are made. I am able to tell you what the energy is in this moment, however it is subject to change down the line. I can tell you what someone is feeling in this moment but please remember things can change!🤗 If you are getting a reading about another person, please give me the relationship status! This makes the reading more detailed and will provide better insight on the situation. The more details you give, the more detailed the reading! ❌I AM NOT ABLE TO GIVE TIMEFRAMES DUE TO FREE WILL. If you ask I will NOT be able to tell you. ❌I am not able to answer legal questions, pregnancy questions, lost items, health questions, specifics questions such as “which school will I get into” or “which of these jobs will hire me”, or connect to those who have passed on. ❌I cannot tell you what a future partner will look like or any specifics about how you will meet, their age, name, etc. I can only tell their energy. ❌I AM NOT ABLE TO TELL YOU IF SOMEONE IS CHEATING OR NOT. I CANNOT SEE PHYSICAL ACTION. I CANNOT SEE IF THEY ARE WITH SOMEONE ELSE, SEEING ANYONE ELSE, ETC. I can tell you if I sense third party energy in their energy however I cannot see if your partner is physically with someone etc. this would require tapping into THEIR energy which I do not have access to. Please know if you ask, I can only tell you if I sense your partner having feelings for others but I cannot tell you if they are cheating COMMENT SECTION is for CLARIFICATION. I can only promise to answer clarifying questions, I will not always be able to answer additional questions.


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