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**PLEASE INCLUDE FIRST NAMES AND DETAILS ON RELATIONSHIP STATUS IN ALL READINGS** ‼️I only offer readings on CURRENT RELATIONSHIPS/CONNECTIONS❤️ I look at the current energy & connection between you and your POI. I don’t read on future love (i.e. when you will meet someone) & I no longer offer readings on other subjects‼️ Turn on notifications to know when I’m online!✨🤍 Thank you for looking at my page! My name is Camie and through my Claircognizance I aim to provide comfort and clarity through all my readings. I will never insert my own opinion, but I channel messages and advice from your guides so it may sound as though it is coming from me. However, I am impartial and will only tell you the honest truth about the energy. I am able to pick up on energies, how the energy feels in the moment of the reading. Energy is constantly changing due to free will as feelings change and decisions are made. I am able to tell you what the energy is in this moment, however it is subject to change down the line. I can tell you what someone is feeling in this moment but please remember things can change!🤗 The more details you give me regarding your questions, the more detailed I’m able to make your reading! If you ask vague, general questions you will receive more general answers. Please be specific! Please ask only one question at a time, and only ask about one person at a time in live chats, otherwise the energy may get confused. I will do my best to answer every question however if you send multiple at once I only have so much time. PLEASE READ BEFORE ORDERING: ❌I DO NOT GIVE TIMEFRAMES. EVER.❌ due to free will I will not give any timeframes. ✨I NEED YOUR FIRST NAME, THEIR FIRST NAME, AND THE ❗️CURRENT RELATIONSHIP STATUS❗️ ❌ I AM NOT ABLE TO TELL YOU IF SOMEONE IS CHEATING OR NOT. I CANNOT SEE PHYSICAL ACTION. I CANNOT SEE IF THEY ARE WITH SOMEONE ELSE, SEEING ANYONE ELSE, ETC. I can tell you if I sense third party energy in their energy however I cannot see if your partner is physically with someone etc. this would require tapping into THEIR energy which I do not have access to. Please know if you ask, I can only tell you if I sense your partner having feelings for others but I cannot tell you if they are cheating ❌to repeat, I CANNOT SEE PHYSICAL ACTION. ❌I DO NOT DO READINGS ON FUTURE PARTNERS OR FUTURE LOVE. I cannot see how you will meet someone, what they’ll be like, when, etc. I will only do readings on people you currently know. ❌ I am not able to answer legal questions, pregnancy questions, lost items, health questions, etc. ❌ I cannot and will not answer questions such as “which job will offer me a position,” “what college will I get into,” “will I pass this class,” “what grade will I get,” etc. There is too much free will involved in these questions. ❌I cannot tell you if someone is “the one,” “meant to be,” etc. or if someone is your soulmate or twin flame. We have multiple soulmates in every lifetime. Please remember meant to be does not always mean forever. “The one” is subjective, only you can decide this for yourself. ❌ please do not ask me about someone else’s relationship or personal life. They have not given me permission to access their energy & it is an invasion of their privacy. I can only give you insight on those connected to your energy. IF SOMEONE IS HURTING YOU PHYSICALLY, MENTALLY, OR EMOTIONALLY, I WILL NEVER TELL YOU TO BE WITH THEM. i do not care what the cards say or if this person was sent from angels, if they are hurting you they are not your person. ✨I use non-traditional tarot cards. I will not use traditional ones as I do not connect to them. I will pull cards for EVERY reading but I will not waste time showing you the cards unless I feel necessary. They are my tool to connect to your guides and my own intuition, however I do not rely on them heavily. ✨Please remember energy is fluid. You ALWAYS have free will and you are in control of your own life. I can’t tell you what you should or shouldn’t do, but I aim to provide insight and clarity on your situations to help guide you make your own decisions and choose your own path. ❗️Comment section is for CLARIFICATION ONLY. I do not always have time to answer additional questions in the comments so please only ask clarifying questions and I will do my best to get back to you.❗️


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