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Hello and welcome!😌 ✨Please take time to read the information below regarding how I conduct my readings. 👉🛎 to receive notifications when I'm online. 🔮I'm a psychic intuitive Tarot and Oracle card reader with 14 years reading experience. My readings are honest, non - judgemental and they are not sugar coated. I work with my spirit guides to deliver messages of guidance and clarity. This may be messages you need to hear and not necessarily what you want to hear. ✨I read on the following qestions: 💕Love 💵💷Career 👨‍👩‍👧🌈Family & Friends ⭐️Relationships 🚫Topics I am unable to read all due to the rules of the app: -Health -Lost items -Legal 🔮✨My guides allow me to help you using: -Clairaudience -Clairaudience -Clairsentience -Claircogizance ⭐️Your reading may not resonate straight away, please give time to come to fruitition. ⭐️Leaving a bad review for any advisor is unethical because you do not like the outcome of of the reading because it is not what you wanted it to be. If you find your reading unsatisfactory please do the following… - Ask for clarification first. - I have found unsatisfactory reviews to be due to misunderstanding of communication or misunderstanding of what a Tarot reading involves. - Please be kind I do not tolerate rudeness. 🔮Text Box: - I aim to reply to a clarification message ASAP please note that it may take longer if I have a lot of reading orders to do. -The text boxes is to clarify a question within the reading, if you require seperate questions from the questions in your order please create a new order, as per rules of the app. ✨🔮Recorded and live readings: -A typical reading of mine is 6/7 cards explained throughly per question. - If a lot of information is sent for me to read through, please understand I need time to read through your information. This may take a minute or two. I prefer brief information to be given. - For live chat readings I will use speech to text as this allows me to get more information to you instead of typing. - Please note pre-recorded readings are 3 minutes long. Please keep this in mind when ordering and adjust questions or amount of questions to fit this time frame appropriately. This will allow for a indepth reading on your situation. I will work though questions as they are listed, if there are to many to fit within the 3 minutes I will not be able to answer all and another order is to be made. - If a unreasonable amount of questions are asked in a pre-recorded reading that are obviously unable to fit within the three minute timescale please do not ask for those questions to be answered in the text box. Another order is to be made. 🔮 I currently don’t have a time schedule to catch me online, hit the notification bell 😊 the live chat option is available through the purple garden app. 🔮 I look forward to connecting with you😌


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