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🧜🏼‍♀️Hello and welcome! 👉🛎 Recieve notifications when I'm online! Please take time to read the information below and view my video as this will allow you to see if my reading style is best for you. A professional witch and adventurer of the mystical realms. I believe my purpose as a witch is to be a spiritual aid equipping clients with clarity and guidance for their highest and best interest, allowing you to move forward successfully. I have 17 years of reading experience. Before each reading, I meditate, light incense and candles to call in my spirit guides in order to connect to your energy and guides. I thoroughly examine your situation by explaining the insight I am receiving through the cards. When guided to, I will dive deeper into the imagery on a card. This is spirits way of telling me this message needs extra attention. I feel this is the best approach for my clients as it is easy to understand the insight as well as why this insight has come through for you today. Take an intuitive deep dive into your to discover the current and future energy and possibilities of your situation! My tools of divination are: . Tarot Cards . Oracle Cards . Clairaudience . Clairvoyance . Clairsentience . Claircognizance . Clairsalience . Clairgustance . Clairtangency 🔮I read on the following topics: . Love . Career . Family & Friends . Relationships 🚫Topics I am unable to read on due to the rules of Purple Ocean -Health -Lost items -Legal 🧜🏼‍♀️ Recorded and live readings: . When alot of information is sent for me to read through, please allow time for me to read through your message. I prefer brief information to be given. . For live chat readings, I will use speech to text as this allows me to get more information to you instead of typing. . Pre-recorded readings are 3 minutes long. Please keep this in mind when ordering. I will work through questions as they are listed. . Your reading may not resonate straight away. Please allow time for it to come to fruitition. 🧜🏼‍♀️ Leaving a bad review because the insight is unfavourable is unfair. If you find your reading unsatisfactory, please do the following… . Ask for clarification first. . I have found unsatisfactory reviews to be due to misunderstanding of communication or misunderstanding of what a tarot reading involves. 🧜🏼‍♀️ Text Box: . I aim to reply to a clarification message ASAP. Please note that it may take longer if I have a lot of reading orders to do. . The text boxes are to clarify a question within the reading. If you require new questions, please create a new order. 🧜🏻‍♀️I look forward to connecting with you😌 Witchy Wishes, Jordan Lavender Waterfall Mermaid


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