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☆Full-time Advisor ☆Due to recent changes, services are limited ☆Review service restrictions (❌️) below ♡ Vanessa conducts her sessions as an Empathic Intuitive through energy readings. ♡ Vanessa consults with individuals and businesses internationally as an Intuitive, Medium, and Channel. ☆I channel messages. If you are not used to this form of reading - I may not be the best Advisor for you. I speak quickly and repeat what I hear & feel. At times it may feel as I am being repetitive.☆ While information received during a reading is often inclusive of future events, much of Vanessa's work has to do with the here and now. Patterns that may be preventing you from moving forward in your life, work, finances and relationships, as well as blocks to your physical and emotional healing are addressed with accuracy, wisdom, clairempathy, and intention. Readings are most effective when things are allowed to unfold. ♡ I honor each and every connection made within this space. I am grateful for all who choose and entrust me with their circumstances. I am dedicated to my mission and purpose within this. ♡ 📢 My voice your guides: I supply your divine messages. This will allow you to receive what you seek and be armed with the knowledge necessary to embolden. ❌ I do not provide personal advice as we all have FREE WILL ❌ I should not have to defend YOUR messages, however, perspective is included ❌ I will not accept new orders from clients who have left negative reviews in the past ❌ I read energy (not minds) ❌ No Medical (Mental Health, Pregnancy, or other) ❌ No Legal (Divorce, Visas, Contracts, or other) ❌ I cannot speak on if your POI is having sexual intercourse with another ❌️ No Time Frames ❌️ ❣ Time frames are never a guarantee & not a service I offer ❣ ❌ No Time Frames ❌ 🛑 Blocks on any person in question will create inconsistent communication, and your messages will be incongruent due to this. 🛑 ❗Ask Direct and Specific Questions (Long paragraphs, including summaries and backgrounds, will delay response time. if I am required to search and find the questions, I will answer what can be identified) ❗️1 Topic - 3 Questions Maximum (if there is an AND in the sentence, it is a separate question) ‼️ I will deliver messages received for the duration of the allotted time. Should you choose to overlook these request, I will not be held accountable for unanswered questions ❗Clear, Concise, and Clean Language ❗Include Only Necessary Information (Do Not Overload) ❗️Be open to the unfolding of events (Emotional negative reviews are still considered negative reviews and will not be serviced thereafter) ‼️Please read Purple Ocean's Terns of Use. Questions that violate these rules will go unanswered. I will not be held accountable or responsible for any time or financial obligations. Compromising topics are grounds to decline future orders.‼️ 🛑 Overloading will cause delays in order deliveries. 🛑 ✒️✒️ Psychography - Automatic writing is my strongest method of communication. The flow uninterrupted allows me to deliver many divine and prophetic messages. I write furiously and with intent to deliver. Text Chat and messages following video orders are most prevalent. Please come with an open mind and understand - all messages given may not come in the format you expect, however, they are necessary messages for you at this moment. Spirit messages provided for your divine guidance - in your best interest and for your best outcomes. ✒️✒️ ⚓ Egos are limited to best receive what is for you. ⚓ ⚡ Empath ⚡ Intuitive ⚡ Clairsentient ⚡ Claircognizant ⚡ Clairaudient ⚡ Clairvoyant 💥 Psychography 💥 ❣ To ensure all follow-up questions are answered immediately, kindly place a follow-up order. ❣ If you have a tremendous amount of follow-up questions, it is best to place a follow-up order. ❣ If you want to discuss topics that are unrelated to the initial request, a new order is required. ❣️Chat follow-ups are a bonus and not an obligation. Subject to availability and cannot exceed two clarifiers.❣️


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